5 Myths of Inbound Marketing Busted!

Whenever there’s a revolution, there’s misinformation.

Even though the world of inbound has witnessed huge success over a period of time, there are still marketers out there who are endangered by myths and misconceptions when it comes to effectiveness of their inbound activities.

It’s time that we debunk them!

#1. “Landing page forms should always have as few fields as possible”

The common logic says, “Fewer fields on the landing page will have more people filling it out”. Agreed! But..

Do you have defined goals for your landing page ?  It all depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. Pamela Vaughan of HubSpot talks on similar lines “How Long should your Landing Page Forms Be?

Are you trying to gain new leads? Yes? Keep the form short.Looking for highly qualified leads? Make the form longer.

None is outperforming the other. It’s main aim is to address different goals. You got to figure what exactly you Need !

#2. “Email is dying. Or it’s very sick. (Blah Blah)”

Whether you believe it or not, but one relic of the early internet isn’t dead. That is email marketing! Capterra Proven Statistics on email marketing justifies the fact!

Your work is often lost in an ocean of posts and also your blogs somewhere gets disappeared on social media. Meanwhile, email has seen renaissance, no matter how old-school it sounds.

Hence, email and newsletter remains one of the most reliable way of creating a loyal audience, whether you’re one of the top 100 companies or just a freelancer. It’s just about standing out in crowded inboxes. Make an impact. Know what an anatomy of an email looks like to be a Hit!

#3. “Marketing automation is only for email.”

The reality is automation is a bliss for numerous inbound  activities except emails. For instance, HubSpot automation software. Marketers can enjoy automating social media posts, lead nurturing emails or newsletters, create lists, score leads, communicate internally,  monitor social media activities such as mentions, replies etc.

Also, the automation software can be utilized for landing page activities and emails alerts with respect to your goals, leads and online activities reports are also possible with the same.

Save your business time and money by moving beyond the myths and leverage benefits of automation. It’s essential to guide your leads through each conversion process.

#4. “Inbound Marketing is a Cost”

According to “State of Inbound 2016” Report, marketers who calculate ROI have cited past success with inbound marketing strategies. Infact, these marketers are likely to increase their budget on the same by 1.6x.

The reality is inbound marketing is not a cost, but a revenue generator. Where outbound activities has a short shelf life and unpredictable ROI, inbound on the other hand is likely you provide high ROI over a longer duration of time. Now you know you can measure ROI and trust inbound approach, only if you do your math !

#5. “Content Marketing and SEO are Competing Ideologies”

Put this to rest, please? Though content creation is imperative at all stages of inbound methodology, it is just one part of the equation. Another is SEO i.e., search engine optimization. SEO is a factor that helps your website and content gain visibility, essential for attract phase of methodology.

This myth presumes “this or that” approach. But, in actual, content marketing and SEO are both part of a broader field that inbound is. Inbound includes several disciplines which are required to work together for it’s desired success.

The bottom line is when you demobilize the nay-sayers or myths, you receive more fruitful results on your inbound efforts. Be well-versed in your inbound best practices and don’t forget to test all these myths yourself. Do let us know what myth you busted !Post that, you’re en route to becoming an Inbound Karm Yogi. Get on the mat below and you’ll know !

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