Marketing Automation – Are you doing it Right?

Did you know, 31% of the marketers are still struggling with the implementation of marketing automation (according to a study by HubSpot), but just mere implementation doesn’t guarantee success.

In my brief experience as an Inbound Marketer, I have seen companies spending big bucks on marketing automation software but failed to achieve positive results.

So what went wrong?

To be precise there are two reasons for it. Consumers – They have changed!

Right Communciation to the Right People at the Right Time

One of the primary reasons in my opinion is the changing consumer behaviour. I am not surprised by seeing most sellers become consumer oriented for growth. Consumers are more astute and now we know about their preferences like never before. The key to success here will be contexual communication by understanding preferences, spotting relevant interactions and finding the correct time for every channel be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Emails.

Marketing Automation Features

Don’t Just Buy – Buy RightMarketing Automation Software can be a game changer. Apart from the right usage and leveraging features, buying a marketing automation software with the right features is also important.

Indispensable Marketing Automation Software Features

Landing Pages and Forms

Landing pages are created to capture leads or convert visitors into lead. Forms are embedded in a landing page to collect information.

Marketing automation software can help you show personalised landing pages to people from different locations (A/B Testing), create smart forms with only required fields that tell you if a conversion is worth getting in touch, track, compare and analyse conversions from various channels and dates.

Emails and Social Media

There are times when social media tasks become repetitive and hamper your organic engagement activities. Marketing automation can help your automate everything and schedule posts when your followers are most active.

Emails can also be automated. Send personalised emails to your contacts, follow up emails for every form fill, notification email, automated newsletters and much more.

A combination of data and scheduling can work wonders and help you boost conversions like never before.


With this data every marketer can be a data analyst.

Data helps you make solid decisions based on proof. You now what is working and what isn’t. A centralised station to monitor your marketing data, analyse trends, draw conclusions and make holistic marketing decisions.

Being an inbound marketer it is my responsibilty to help fellow marketers and hence I decided to write this blog to help marketers make a better decision while investing in a marketing automation software and hope that I was able to add some value.

Do let me know through comments, if there are any more challenges in the right implementation and usage of marketing automation.

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