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HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Evolution

The Beginning

HubSpot coined the term “Inbound Marketing” back in 2005, and that was the very beginning of the inbound marketing movement. An idea turned into the worlds largest marketing platform.

A Powerful Tool

HubSpot is a powerful marketing and sales software with more than 35000 customers from across the world. It is an online platform which helps you to make your Inbound Marketing Campaign a success.

Unstoppable Growth

The number of HubSpot users across the world keeps on increasing every day due to changing consumer preference and the emergence of marketing automation.

Proactively nurture the market

Demand Generation is not just about creating a demand or excitement around the product and consists of everything from creating awareness to lead nurturing. The ultimate goal of demand generation strategy is to build and nurture prospects leading to a fruitful customer-company relationship in the long term.

Inbound marketing is an integral part of demand generation and primarily focuses on a content driven approach to attract customers.

Everything it takes

On the other hand demand generation services includes multiple touch-points like blogging, emails, social media promotion, events and offline initiatives to deliver on business goals. Inbound is an important pillar of demand generation which helps in achieving high quality leads.

Though we happen to be an inbound agency, the business needs of clients has seen Znbound taking up initiatives usually reserved for a conventional  Demand Generation Agency.

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HubSpot certifications have made HubSpot very popular amongst the inbound marketing community across the world. Most of these certifications are FREE. This has encouraged not only professionals but even students to equip themselves with the right skills and orientation to succeed in this growing sphere of inbound marketing.

Not all certifications are free. The rest are undertaken by paid users of HubSpot. A HubSpot Partner like Inbound Mantra also has to undertake these certifications on a regular basis. This is important not just to meet the necessary conditions of a HubSpot partnership, but also being equipped to service clients in the best way possible. These extra certifications other than those offered FREE are also a good way to differentiate serious HubSpot professionals from the amateurs.

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FREE Certifications

Commercial Certifications

Your Inbound Marketing Partner

From time to time, Inbound Mantra keeps offering exciting opportunities to interested professionals through custom training programs that enable these professionals to acquire commercial HubSpot certifications. These opportunities are offered on a case-by-case basis based on qualifications and experience of the interested candidates. If you are interested, you may please write to with a short note explaining “Why do you want to acquire commercial hubspot certifications?” with the subject line (Your name, commercial hubspot certifications).

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