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Milind Katti

Honest Inbound Agency

I strongly recommend Znbound if you are looking to get started with Inbound Marketing. You just need to tell them your growth goals and they will not rest till they find a way to achieve it. Znbound has supported DemandFarm for the last two years in creating a predictable revenue pipeline. We know exactly our ‘new’ expected MRR for the next month. Great Team

Milind Katti
DemandFarm, COO
Milind Katti

Fantastic Service and Delivery

Znbound have helped us to lift our web page to an entire new level. The design was top notch, they listen to all feedback and come up with solutions, they are fast and they deliver. Best part - They do more than expected. I strongly recommend Znbound and feel welcome to contact me if you have any questions. Dear Znbound Team - Thank you! Really appreciate your efforts. All the best

Daniel Nilsson
Appland Inc., ex - CCO

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Inbound Demand Generation

Appeal to the latent aspirations of the market

Znbound has inbound marketing in its core and is focused on generating leads the inbound way, even for itself. We eat our own dog food.

Inbound is just not enough. We understand the limitations of inbound marketing when it comes to lead generation and hence have to extend our thinking and look for the best possible outbound solutions i.e. all demand generation initiatives. Being a service provider it is important for us to help our clients achieve business goals and sometimes these initiatives include, but are not restricted to the following demand generation methods i.e. PPC campaigns and email prospecting.

Proactively nurture the market

Demand Generation is not just about creating a demand or excitement around the product and consists of everything from creating awareness to lead nurturing. The ultimate goal of demand generation strategy is to build and nurture prospects leading to a fruitful customer-company relationship in the long term.

Inbound marketing is an integral part of demand generation and primarily focuses on a content driven approach to attract customers.

Everything it takes

On the other hand demand generation services includes multiple touch-points like blogging, emails, social media promotion, events and offline initiatives to deliver on business goals. Inbound is an important pillar of demand generation which helps in achieving high quality leads.

Though we happen to be an inbound agency, the business needs of clients has seen Znbound taking up initiatives usually reserved for a conventional  Demand Generation Agency.

HubSpot Is Easy, Only With An Expert

Znbound (HubSpot Gold Partner), an Inbound Marketing Agency leading HubSpot’s marketing and sales efforts in India. HubSpot continues to grow in India and other Asian countries. Znbound believes that this growth will continue in the future.

How is inbound marketing done?

Unlike traditional marketing methods wherein you force your products and advertisements on the poor consumers, Inbound is more targeted in its approach.

It focuses on attracting and nurturing highly qualified customers that are searching for a product like yours. The better way to explain this is using the analogy of the magnet and the megaphone. Inbound marketing is more like a magnet which only attracts the elements relevant to it. This behavior is unlike the microphone which is used to shout at a group irrespective of their interest in the announcement. Inbound marketing focuses all its efforts towards


The persona is experiencing the symptoms of a problem but is unable to pinpoint or give a name to the problem. Content on this stage should help the user in identifying his problem. For example, if your persona is a sales head who’s unable to reach his sales target, your content in this stage should help him identify his problem.


In this stage the persona has identified his problem and is searching for potential solutions. Content on this stage should help the buyer in researching for potential solutions. For example, if sales head has identified the problem as lack of information about the leads your content should be on potential solutions.


In this stage your persona has identified the solution he will take to solve his problem. This is the stage where you’ll introduce your product. Content on this stage should focus on how your product can help the buyer.