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Expect ‘empathetic’ progress

Only if we see a path to growth at the assessment stage, do we take up projects.

In working with diverse teams in SaaS, technology, and traditional sectors, we have found that a growth formula always exists. The formula isn’t clear. It warrants a relentless discovery. My team will persist and deliver the goods. It will be humbling and ridden with failure. But, we will prod on till we crack the formula.

Once discovered, the formula needs enablement and nurturing in line with growth goals. Dollars, processes, and continuous improvement play a vital role at this stage of growth. Most teams understand the urgency. But, not all are able to commit and follow through with enough panache. Expect empathy from my team. We will create and commit to a program that recognizes your special situation. Of course, without compromising the potential of the growth formula.

Founder, Znbound

Looking for a Growth Marketing Agency?

If you are, then we are looking for you.

Znbound is an award winning full service SaaS Growth Marketing Agency with a strong focus on ROI. Znbound will not engage if it is unable to see a path to ROI.

We are a proud HubSpot Partner leading their sales effort in India and US. At the same time, we are independent and agnostic. We may or may not choose HubSpot in delivering our Growth Marketing services scope.

Our team of Marketing Experts have consistently delivered results for businesses across sectors – SaaS, Business Services, Real Estate, Education – working closely with leading brands both in India and US. We eat our own Dog Food. Our passion towards our approach and our confidence stems from the fact that we use the same growth marketing practices to acquire clients and grow.

A goal-aligned team

Responsive. Responsible. Crazy too.

Fantastic and knowledgable team!

Ketan Pandit, VP Marketing, Zuddl

Responsive, kind and easy to work with

Ashley Quintana, Owner, Bridges Strategies

Great partner for setting up inbound marketing

Rishi Kumar, CEO, Coral Capital
growth marketing agency goal aligned team

We are Explorers

growth marketing agency we are explorers

Remote but close-knit

growth marketing agency remote but close knit

The Exciting journey Continues…

growth marketing agency someone got bored


Someone Got Bored

jumped off a cliff.
And Survived.

growth marketing agency hubspot india partner

2014 – 2017

HubSpot India Partner

Znbound invests into a partnership with the World’s leading Inbound Marketing Software Company – HubSpot. And quickly qualifies to becomes India’s first silver tiered HubSpot Inbound Marketing Agency.

growth marketing agency growing focusing

2020 –

Growing Focusing

Growing and focusing on delivering growth for US facing SaaS companies.

Why us?


ROI drives us. We will not rest till we demonstrate return on investment. That is why we have a performance model with our clients.

growth marketing agency speed


Digital changes everyday. Successful marketing campaigns are a result of numerous iterations executed quickly with a proven process. We confront this challenge, everyday.

growth marketing agency honesty


‘Honesty is the best policy’ goes a saying. Please feel free to talk to any of our clients to understand what that really means.

Our Clients

clients skuad
clients hi tech
clients cropin
clients benq
clients css corp
clients demandfarm
clients zinnov
clients calance
clients inside sales box
clients aujas
clients hsp group
clients tarantula
clients mind tickle
clients carbyne
clients urban piper
clients binfire
clients buyer assist
clients ezest
clients mindfileds
clients ibis
clients zyxware

HubSpot Grow Better: Marketing

The HubSpot Partner Team at Singapore is incredibly proud of your achievement. Being a regional winner for the IMPACT Awards is a great deal, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the entire Znbound team for their hard work and commitment. Please let your team know we are sending a lot of good wishes their way 🙂

Chhavi Porwal, HubSpot

Who can benefit from a growth marketing agency the most?

growth marketing agency founders


growth marketing agency cmos


growth marketing agency growth leaders

Growth Leaders

Who wants to level up their biz game? A growth marketing agency is like a secret weapon for startups, small biz owners, and growth leaders looking to expand their customer base, increase revenue, and drive sustainable growth. They’ll help you identify new opportunities, optimize your marketing funnel, and make sure you’re not missing out on any potential cash cow. In short, if you’re ready to see your business soar, a growth marketing agency is the way to go.

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Turbocharge your business growth with our diverse agency offerings

Retainers offer the best value covering a wide spectrum of deliverables.


We are almost an insider when it comes to brand alignment. Sometimes, we may challenge your understanding about your brand. As uncomfortable as it may sound, it is our respect and care for your brand.

Web Development

The websites we build sets up the visitors for a journey that builds trust. We ensure your website is enchanting and engaging. A website from us always serves you.


We discuss perceptions, biases and cultures more than shapes and colors. The designs we create are unspoken stories told in a few seconds. Our design gets knitted with your message and represents you like no one else can.

Growth Assessment

Wouldn’t it be great if you could know the potential of growth initiatives without burning substantial investment? Znbound assessment frameworks have been there, done that.

HubSpot Services

Znbound will solve the following HubSpot problems:

  • Analytics & Reports
  • Lead Scoring
  • Automation, and more.


Our consulting engagements will help in the following situations:

  • Digital transformation
  • Feasibility study
  • Test product-market fit

Our Growth Marketing Approach

growth marketing agency finding the formula

Finding The Formula

growth marketing agency fast


Case Studies

Building a pipeline worth USD 270,000


A new inside sales software was being introduced into the US market. An inbound marketing agency was sought to drive product-market fit.


A 4 + 12 months plan was first drawn to test inbound marketing go-to-market, to be then followed up by a detailed month-wise execution plan.


An all-in-one Inside Sales Software to help businesses build, manage and accelerate sales processes.

Full Stack Inbound Marketing Services Support


Deploying an inbound funnel to track website traffic, leads and conversions in a predictable manner. Identifying opportunities for driving positive word of mouth and establishing tarantula as a thought leader in towerco industry.


Inbound Marketing Services with a focus on content as well as monthly nurturing activities to appeal to the relatively niche target audience. Optimized SEO strategy to attract high quality traffic.


Tarantula is a Canadian-owned global software company and a proven market leader and provider of end-to-end telecom site management software. We empower tower site owners to achieve operational efficiency and monetize their assets, all to increase the value of their tower business.

Reaped USD 650,000 in new revenue


Getting the first level of customers from known referrals, DemandFarm hunted for a key channel which can help them win a good number of qualified leads to grow beyond.


Iterated continuously for over 6 months using agile inbound marketing to determine the right strategy for predictable revenue growth.


DemandFarm is a Key Account Management Software system solely focused on addressing unique challenges that Key Account professionals face.