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Effortless Growth with Marketing Automation

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Marketing automation allows users to automate repetitive tasks, which can save a significant amount of time and resources. For example, instead of manually crafting and sending out hundreds of emails to potential customers, a marketing automation platform can handle the task for you, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of running your business. With automation ensure consistent and effective marketing efforts increasing your chances of converting leads into paying customers. 

Furthermore, a marketing automation agency is like having a superhero sidekick for your business, taking care of tedious tasks and supercharging your marketing efforts.

Marketing Automation module-by-module

Unlike inbound marketing, a modular approach is preferred in marketing automation


No strategy, no (successful) marketing automation. It is indispensable to think through all possible scenarios before embarking on any kind of implementation.


Automate everything. Email marketing, nurturing, drip campaigns, auto-update fields, fire triggers and notifications basis well-documented rules.

Lead Scoring

One fine day, the lead flow will become unmanageable. Then, lead scoring – manual or predictive – will intelligently guide sales team members.


Data points drive marketing automation. The idea is to search continuously for a growth formula, catalyzed by reporting and analytics.

Marketing Sales Alignment

Generating strong inbound qualified leads isn’t enough. It is vital that such leads close into customers, b setting right SLA’s and driving their compliance.


The right marketing automation software with a strong apps ecosystem supported by an equally forthcoming community ensures that any integration is cake.

Death by marketing. It would have been an undesirable reality had it not been for marketing automation. Marketers, particularly tech marketers swear by it. Marketing automation not helps grow revenue, it also saves ‘burn-out’ from repeated manual tasks, constant monitoring pressure and from the state of ‘being overwhelmed.’

Prerequisites to choosing a marketing automation agency

Ensure that you find an agency that is well-suited to your business needs. By defining your marketing automation needs and goals, researching different agencies, and checking for compatibility, you can make an informed decision and choose an agency that will be able to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Let’s take a look at some of the answers one should have before choosing a marketing automation agency for their business:

1. What are your specific marketing automation needs?

Knowing one’s specific needs will allow the marketing automation agency to tailor their services to best suit the user’s business. It also helps the agency to understand the pain points and areas that need improvement.

2. What is your budget for marketing automation services?

Having this knowledge is important for the agency to provide the most cost-effective solutions. It also helps the agency to understand what services the user can afford and what the agency can offer within the said budget.

3. What is your desired outcome or goal for implementing marketing automation?

This allows the marketing automation agency to understand the user’s expectations and tailor their services to align with the goals. It also helps the agency to measure the success of the marketing automation implementation.

4. What marketing automation platform do you prefer to use?

Knowing a user’s preferred platform allows the agency to understand the user’s technical capabilities and to provide guidance on the best platform for their specific needs. It also helps the agency to ensure that they have expertise in the user’s preferred platform.

5. What are the features and services that are most important to your business, such as lead generation, email marketing, or customer segmentation?

It’s important to know the most important features and services to focus on the areas that will have the most impact on the user’s business. It also helps the agency to understand the businesses’ priorities and to provide guidance on the best ways to achieve their goals.

Ready to get started

Here is how it works


As-Is Assessment

In this step, we ask you questions and at times, also look into your current tech stack to get a sense of the maturity.

Understanding Requirements

As-Is is appraised with givens to understand if requirements are transactional or strategic.


Scope is then written down line-by-line to reflect the boundaries of the project on hand.

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Marketing Automation Software options

Open source and commercial


What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing today is no less than making a special wedding dish. There are too many things to take care – social media, website, analytics, email marketing, adwords, creatives and you are quickly staring at a never-ending list.

Marketing automation is about using a comprehensive software or a combination of many tools with the sole objective of replacing manual tasks that are vulnerable to errors. This automation has also created opportunities to personalize marketing campaigns better.

When to do marketing automation?

Best time to begin marketing automation is when inbound / outbound leads aren’t getting the attention they deserve. Mostly because of paucity of time from the sales team. It definitely calls for setting up marketing automation with define rules.

Also, when your business is preparing for a big spurt in growth and there are a number of technological investments being done, it may not be a bad idea to looking into marketing automation too. Undoubtedly, this has to be strategized well.

Why choose a marketing automation agency?

Marketing automation agency has a team of experts who have extensive knowledge and experience in implementing marketing automation strategies. They can provide guidance on the best practices and strategies for achieving your desired outcomes through your marketing automation platform

Working with an agency can be cost-effective, as you can save on the costs of hiring and training in-house staff, as well as the costs of buying and maintaining marketing automation software.


Revenue growth is the topmost benefit. Other than that there are benefits in team productivity. Errors by omission and commission are reduced too. It also drives transparency in reporting, thus institutionalizing accountability. High performance teams also dry-run experimental campaigns, before hitting the market.

Why marketing automation fails?

Like benefits, the list is full endless reasons ranging from the banal to the critical. Internal reasons are also responsible, but the primary amongst them is a lack of commitment to digital and technology. External reasons range from lack of inbound leads, total reliance on outbound marketing and neglecting thought-leadership.