Only reason we love Organic Traffic

What do you think about organic traffic?

Yes, the same organic search traffic that you get via Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and the rest of the search engines.

Good. Great. Awesome.

Most superlative adjectives would be apt to describe organic traffic.

Imagine you create a web page answering the most pressing questions that your users, prospects, and customers have. Your users search. They find your website through search engines. They get answers, and you get traffic. Some of that traffic eventually converts into leads and revenue. Organic traffic is great, and there’s no debate. A good inflow of organic traffic is the best thing that can happen to your business. It is almost aking to a gift.

For us at Znbound, organic traffic is priceless. It has helped us sustain through the good times and the bad. It isn’t easy. It takes work. (Bookmark the SEO Techniques blog to stay updated on the latest organic traffic hacks)

Why organic traffic?

Let’s throw some dollars and give reason a chance over emotion.

Assume you are a B2B SaaS business looking to acquire traffic in the United States. To bring 100 visitors to the website, the following spends are recommended.

  • $350 LinkedIn campaign for 20 qualified visitors,
  • $200 Facebook campaign and $50 Twitter campaign for 40 unqualified visitors,
  • $200 on Email campaign for another 20 visitors,
  • $200 for an Adwords campaign bringing in the remaining 20 visitors.

You can attract the same number of highly qualified visitors by publishing a modest web page with a bit of organic seo services. This is the beauty of organic traffic. It’s like the unconditional love provided by your parents; all you need to do to receive it is to exist. That’s not all. The capital saved on the paid campaigns can now be invested in your product and will also help increase your profit margins. This makes organic traffic strategy, the easiest and the most affordable way to attract future customers. What’s not to love about it?

The reasons web businesses love organic traffic is straightforward.

  • Free traffic
  • Ranking high on google search results
  • Visibility

The above is a good list. But what truly excites me is, none of the above.

There is a deeper reason. I will explain it.


If you follow the stock markets, you will know the meaning of the word ‘guidance”. The bellwether companies of the market will give out annual guidance on financials. These companies – Google, Unilever, Microsoft, Infosys – can look into the future and tell the analysts the expected financials their companies could hit. (On a different context, the recent COVID-19 crisis has made that difficult). How are these companies able to pin-point their financials a year into the future? Think about it.

Predictable organic traffic

This brings us to the importance of predictability in business. Investors don’t just reward predictability, they respect it. And that’s where organic traffic creates magic. The best thing about organic traffic is the fact it provides predictability, backed by data. Predictability might seem like a simple advantage, but it is much more. Predictability provokes assurance.

A business owner can be assured that his company will sustain with the monthly leads received, and thus can focus on growth. A new blogger can be convinced about the money the blog will make. A big company will be assured about the effort they’ll need to reach their target and plan accordingly. This predictability gives businesses a sigh of relief and assures them that their business will be alright. Even during unusual times such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rajagopalan Chandrashekar
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