Is only organic seo services considered as Inbound Marketing?

Customer calls to discuss business issues are always exciting.

There is always something to learn – a key insight or a “yet to be public” information. 

Last week, in one such call, I was making a case for email prospecting. The project sponsor remarked, “Isn’t that outbound?”

All this while, I was straining my left ear to make up for the poor phone signal. But, this question was so loud that I moved the phone to a distance.

OK; email prospecting is outbound. 

Isn’t it also part of inbound? Yes? No? I could not help but think about this confusion “all week”.

Organic SEO services are pure Inbound Marketing. Taking a purist view, inbound marketing is about helping users and prospects. For that to happen, users have to ask for help. That ‘ask’ manifests itself as a ‘search intent’ on a search engine.

Thus, Organic SEO services were used to make sure that our website pops up for every relevant search query that the user makes. When users express intent and find answers to their queries on a website such as ours, magic happens. Organic SEO services create that magic. SEO is inbound marketing at its best. If your website isn’t ranking well, you can bet it won’t get any traffic, which means it won’t be able to generate sales or leads for your company. Because customers rely on search engines to find what they need, businesses must also pay attention to organic search engine optimization. A search engine, such as Google, is where over 90% of online experiences begin.

Inbound Marketing goes beyond SEO

Not every user asks for help. The reasons could be many. How does inbound marketing help them? Especially since they are not expressing their intent via ‘search’.

It is not easy. But one way is to first prompt them using social media and email channels, assuming they are present. Aren’t these channels crowded? Inbound will have to find a way to cut through the clutter.

The content used for prompting should be useful and relevant to the users’ problems. If it is sales, inbound will fail. The challenge is to create such clever content that encourages the users (fence-sitters in this case) to jump and engage with joy.

To do that you may need to take help from Organic SEO services, sometimes.

Team Znbound
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