The HubSpot Inbound Marketing Assessment Questionnaire

Ever since 2015 – 16 fiscal began, inquiries for our inbound marketing services are up by 60% and thus, came up the requirement for a proper HubSpot Inbound Marketing Assessment.

For a change, it is the domestic India market that is driving all the excitement.

What is truly remarkable about these inquiries is the level of openness prospects demonstrate to discuss their business problems. And these conversations are fairly detailed.

As part of the HubSpot Inbound Marketing Assessment, the Znbound team guides prospects through a detailed questionnaire consisting of 16 well-thought questions. Some of the questions have also been incorporated from the HubSpot partner training process.

Here’s a list of the HubSpot Inbound Marketing Assessment questions we ask our prospects for the proposal :

Overall Questions :

1. What problem has prompted you to reach out to Znbound?

2. What are your business goals for 2017 / 2018 and beyond in terms of revenue and the number of customers?

3. How many customers do you have currently?

4. What are your plans to achieve those and the challenges you foresee?

Business Model Questions :

1. Do you have product-market fit? Is there customer validation?

2. What is the market potential of your business? Please share links to reports.

3. Name your competition. Who do you admire? How are you positioned among your competitors?

4. What about your Revenue Mix? (Geography-wise, Sector-wise, Product-wise)

5. What is your Average Deal Size?

6. What is the average life of a deal?

Marketing and Sales Questions :

1. Can you take us through the last three deals and how they happened?

2. How is your sales team structured?

3. What is the lifetime value of a customer and the customer acquisition cost?

4. In terms of acquiring customers, do you know the sweet spot? Who is your best customer?

5. How are the marketing and sales funnel? i.e. to get 1 customer, how many leads are required?

6. Kindly describe your buyer personas?

7. Which Sector does your customer segment belong to?

8. How does the pricing model work?

Inbound Marketing Questions :

1. How is the current online marketing funnel? – Website Traffic, Online Leads (monthly basis)

2. What are some keywords that your buyer persona would put into Google?

3. How many paying customers? And, How many free trials are currently ON?

4. How many contacts in the database other than customers?

5. What digital initiatives have you done to date? What was the objective? What has worked? What has not?

6. What is the composition of your marketing team?

7. Are you considering any inbound marketing software like HubSpot – with or without COS?

8. Which CRM are you using? Who developed your current website? Which CMS is it on?

9. Please name the agencies you are currently working with and their current scope.

Success :

What would be the measurement of success for Znbound, if we agree on a partnership?

These were the list of questions we ask our prospects as a part of HubSpot Inbound Marketing Assessment before the proposal. What do you think about them? Are the above questions comprehensive? Are we missing out on any obvious ones?

Please feel free; make good use of the comments section below.

Team Znbound
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