Make customer promoters with HubSpot Service Hub

It was 10th May 2018, I opened HubSpot to do my regular review on reports and the most important task of all “if any of my contacts have moved to DEAL”. 

Suddenly I saw a notification drop-down “HubSpot has new features click here”. I just clicked it without any clue where it will lead me, I suddenly landed in the Service Hub introduction page. As usual with HubSpot page, it provided me with all the information about Service Hub features and what can it do for client servicing and make them our promoter. Without giving a second thought we took up the premium subscription. There it was with its beautiful drop-down and breathtaking fields and there was me with two hearts in my eyes. I immediately started to dig in and started to get hands-on experience.

Service Hub made HubSpot complete with its Marketing Hub and Sales Hub. Now it’s got even easier to delight and help in building customer experience with Service Hub. It was built on a simple principle to make your customer your promoter. 

Let’s talk about some data about customer servicing as said by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in his famous book Sherlock Holmes “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.”

As per the research done by PWC in 2020, 63% of buyers are willing to pay more for great customer experience. Customers are willing to pay a 13% premium which can go up to 18% by receiving a great customer experience. In the first quarter of 2019, Service Hub users have already resolved almost 1.4 million tickets to help create a more organized, efficient, and helpful customer service experience.

Service Hub a technical walk through with a personal touch


It’s always great to hear from your prospect. Things turns out to be messy when more then one team member is handling the same client. The same thing happened with us, we will give different promises to the same client which in turn pisses off our client. We were looking for something which can help us in channelizing our conversation with our client and HubSpot heard us and gave us the all in one CONVERSATION tool.

It is a stand-alone tool but also a core component of Service Hub. It combines all of your communication channels in one dashboard. So whether you’re to lecture customers via email, live chat or another channel, you and your whole team can collaborate on the messages in one spot.

The best bit, it provides you with one view of the customer for all of your teams. It’s built on the HubSpot CRM, so you’ll have all the knowledge you would like to understand who you’re to lecture from marketing, sales and service standpoint. It solved our problem and all the team members got disciplined.

HubSpot service hub conversations


We were a very motivated team with all our team members are motivated for customer delight. Our clients will often end up in one query or the other. Our sales team without the knowledge of their current problem will try to up-sell which mostly ends in disaster with sales teams shouting at the client servicing team.

HubSpot tickets came into picture to act as a mediator between our sales and client servicing team which helped in signing the peace treaty before World War 3.

Tickets is new CRM object, offers how to trace, order, collaborate and deliver on customers’ needs and expectations. The ticket object is often related to a contact, so all of your teams are going to be ready to see if a customer has an open issue (a very nice thing to understand before someone reaches out for an up-sell, for instance).

Tickets also close to make a ticket board in Service Hub. The ticket board may be a new home base for your support team. They will inherit the office, see what’s on the board for the day and obtain to figure helping customers and solving problems. Sales team can go for up-sell if all of the problems are solved by the team.

We are saved!

Hubspot service hub tickets

Knowledge Base

Our clients were intelligent investors, the primary problem with them are they ask a lot of similar question. We will be forwarding 1000’s of emails everyday and exhaust ourselves. HubSpot knowledge base saved us and we got time to go out for drinks!

With the knowledge base, you can quickly create helpful articles – very similar to FAQs, they can rank on Google and see valuable insights on a reporting dashboard that tells you how a given article is solving customers’ issues and deflecting tickets.

HubSpot service hub knowledgebase


We always wanted to know how customer are feeling about our services and try to check where we can do better. We will be sending manual emails and try to find out where we can improve without a clear framework we will end up with nothing.

Service Hub introduced Feedback a tool to help you better in understanding your customers better. Customer Feedback begins with a progression of surveys, that you essentially can use to routinely catch subjective and quantitative feedback from your customers. This will be as straightforward as a yes-or-no inquiry or a 20-question yearly Net Promoter Score® (NPS) survey. You’ll be prepared to fabricate a plan to normally survey customers, all together that you’ll begin to know the basic issues they need and work to determine those viably. 

With information streaming in on customer satisfaction you’ll likewise begin to work out who your greatest promoters are. Utilize that data to make custom promoting efforts that help these customers inform the planet regarding your offerings or administration. Today, the customer’s voice is more powerful than any other time in recent memory – so exploiting that is vital.

HubSpot service hub survey


It was always difficult to estimate the amount of effort our service team is putting up to solve a client’s problem. The problem of quantifying service teams efforts and client satisfaction now can be achieved with reporting.

Reporting is another Service Hub dashboard with worked in apparatuses that permit you to quantify the significance of your client service endeavors. It also tracks user information from your Knowledge base, reaction times and time volume, report on client input and the sky is the limit from there. These detailing highlights will furnish you with a continuous window into your teams’ usage rates, what channels might be working superior to others and to make a move on things that need consideration.

HubSpot service hub reports

Honorary mention,

Conversation Bots

This is something that will make people take their creativity to the next level. I was the most excited individual in the whole office after I got a glimpse of what conversation bots can do.

Dependent upon your business, there are a million uses for the conversational bot. Furthermore, this bot instrument stacks significantly speedier and more productively than a ton of others out there available. 

Similar to workflows conversation bots has conditional paths which user can take while communicating with your bot. This acts as a great time saver for your team as easy queries can be easily handled by the bot and the team can come in in complex queries that require one to one interaction.

HubSpot service hub conversation bot

Still wondering how Service Hub can help your organization. Let me make it simpler for you!

Service Hub an informational conclusion

Service Hub an informational conclusion


As per research done by Oracle and PewResearch in 2020 they found out that 92% adults use a search engine to find information on the web. This means that a customer is looking to gain some information from every brand site available in the market. With features like conversation bots, live chat, knowledge base, team email a customer can find and consume information easily before speaking to a company representative.


Understanding customers and designing services based on their needs can boost up customer satisfaction in a big way. Collecting information from customers with feedback tool any organization can understand the loopholes within their offering and can focus on that and increase customer delight.


After providing information and eliminating the loopholes it’s time to grow with your customers and motivating them to share their experience. By analyzing reports on customer engagement and getting score count from NPS can help you to identify the potential promoters of your organization who can post reviews for you and share their experience.

Service Hub as a whole does end-to-end client servicing and helps in customer delight by solving all of their queries on a single platform.

Team Znbound
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