How does a SEO marketing company help to Rank No.1

Are professional SEO services important for every business, or only a select few need them? Is search engine optimization necessary, or can you get by without it?

You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re asking queries like these. As experts in the field of professional SEO services, or search engine optimization, SEO marketing companies know that the right SEO can make or break a business online. On this page, we’ll explain how SEO marketing companies help you to rank no 1 and also how Znbound helped DemandFarm rank no. 1 

Optimizing your site for high search engine rankings needs time, knowledge of SEO, and successful execution of the necessary on- and off-page SEO variables. If the combined SEO strength of your site or a single page is more potent than all others for a certain query, you will rank first.

How Znbound helped DemandFarm rank no. 1?

DemandFarm is a “key account management software” that helps businesses enable their key account management strategies. That is, the keyphrase “key account management software” defines what DemandFarm stands for, and the keyphrase “key account management” stands for the space that DemandFarm impacts.

Key Account Management Software Ranking

In early 2016,  when Znbound began work for DemandFarm, following was the ranking for this keyphrase.

  • Google Rank in US: 4

Since there were some internal reservations within DemandFarm in calling themselves a software, for the entire 2016, meaningful publishing related to this keyphrase did not happen. Thus, DemandFarm continued at the same rank no. 4 for almost a year.

Ranking No. 1

April 2017 onwards, we’ve been consistently working towards the fabled Google Rank 1. It is only recently that we have been able to get cracking from the fourth, straight up to the first. So how was this mystical position reached?It would be difficult to pin point what worked. Undoubtedly, it was lot of toil and sweat. We implemented a number of techniques to do so. But, the primary ones are listed below.

  • On Page SEO- This is standard stuff. We made sure there was no gap. We optimized the seo website, title and meta description, so that the page truly stood for the keyword represented.
  • Content Publishing- Just publishing isn’t enough. Purposeful publishing in line with a defined content strategy became the norm for weeks. Only stuff that needed to be written, was written.
  • Interlinking- The importance of interlinking only seems to be increasing. Creating a wikipedia like structure within the seo website has shown significant SERP bump ups.
  • External Interlinking- This is also called back-linking. This was the only SEO that used to happen five or six years ago. Google has criticized it heavily, but ironically also supports it, if done well. In the case of DemandFarm, we got lucky. We already had backlinks. All that was needed was some contextual optimization. And this was done. It helped that some of these seo websites also had a higher domain authority.

What should Inbound Marketers do?

The inbound marketing SEO world is akin to the wonderland that Alice was lost in. The techniques that worked for us, may or may not work for other seo marketing company. But you could give them a shot. With Google dynamically updating its algorithm, one needs to be ahead of the curve; constantly crunching numbers to see how each change is impacting rankings.

Ultimately SERP improvement is all about consistent effort and working toward your goals in a systematic manner. Document your findings from each change, and when it work out, replicate the same across keywords, only then you may be able to figure out the formula for SERP success. Yes, a formula !!! It exists.Not everything will work.

The sooner any seo marketing company accept that, more realistic you would be in leading your clients. We can’t say that all we do works brilliantly each time but we imbibe our own little magic into the usual SEO practices to make our clients zoom up the ranks.On the way, we have built up a list of  trade secrets, too. Yes, secrets exist.

Team Znbound
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