What the movie Tanu weds Manu teaches about Buyer Personas?

Last Wednesday, I saw the movie Tanu weds Manu Returns.

I am not much of a movie goer. Nevertheless, I did have some good reasons to go see the movie – rave reviews on trusted WhatsApp groups that I belong to, a movie plot revolving around small town India and wife was back from her holiday.

I went to the movie only to be entertained. But, I walked out a little more confident about Buyer Personas.

For the uninitiated (especially visitors and subscribers from outside of India), Tanu weds Manu Returns (sequel to Tanu weds Manu) is the story of a troubled love marriage on the brink of a divorce. As the divorce proceedings pan out, Manu (the boy) falls in love again with another girl Datto, who agrees to marry him. Datto and Tanu (Manu’s soon to be ex-wife) bear a slight resemblance.

Tanu selflessly takes part in Manu’s wedding and charms him. Manu realises that he still loves Tanu, but still decides to go ahead for Datto’s sake who comes to know of this odd predicament. At the last phera (step) of the wedding ritual, Datto boldly gives Manu permission to leave. Manu takes it, reconciles with Tanu and brings down the curtains. All this confusion portrayed with loads of rustic humour makes the movie a true entertainer.

Trust me. If it was any less convoluted, it wouldn’t have been a Hindi bollywood movie.

Here is the trailer of the movie with english subtitles.

and  exhibiting the same mannerisms as inbound marketing campaign start dating.  and …   thinks Datto is not . She is funnily amused. Datto and starts investigating her whereabouts, only to find out that Tanu (the boy) start living separately. Though away, they keep thinking about each other. The movie

Rajagopalan Chandrashekar
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