Formal HubSpot Training really needed?

A formal HubSpot training is de-facto discussion in all HubSpot deals.

Znbound’s response is standard and honest.

The HubSpot software is intuitive. Getting one’s hands dirty is the best and enduring way to learn the HubSpot software. HubSpot has also created a wealth of resources, tutorials, certifications and projects that one can take advantage of. Needless to mention, there is also a 24×7  support team available on phone. You will be able to figure things out on your own, without a challenge.

Our view and response has not changed. But, our perspective on the need for a formal HubSpot training is developing. In this post, we attempt to do, exactly that.HubSpot customers have taught us that ‘for’ and ‘against’ reasons exist, on the subject of HubSpot training.

HubSpot Training – Nay

The ‘No’ sounds counter-intuitive. Here are the reasons we are currently debating.

  • Always Learning ModeInbound Marketing and sales is a tough job. Customer behavior is changing. Technology is. Customer’s use of technology is.  ‘Always Learning’ is a key skill to survive. A formal hubspot training (and its inertia) may be unable to champion this behavior.
  • HubSpot Knowledge Base – Are you excited by self-learning? I am. Team HubSpot has created a wealth of resources that hold answers to almost every possible query that you may have about the HubSpot software. There is fun and fulfillment in figuring things out, on your own. Are you like that?
  • A changing HubSpot – It has been almost 4 years since Znbound has been using HubSpot. Not only has the UI changed continuously , but the very essence of being an inbound marketing software. HubSpot, today, is a CRM that also does marketing automation and inbound marketing.

HubSpot Training – Aye

Enterprise level organisations and established businesses with strong internal processes drive the need for a formal HubSpot training. It is how they approach any change management initiative. Training is at the heart of it.

A new software implementation is no different.HubSpot seems to have realised this market reality. HubSpot offices across the world have a defined calendar for doing classroom trainings and consulting sessions for HubSpot customers.There are more reasons.

  • Cohort Productivity – A formal training session helps businesses equip their marketing and sales team quickly. The odds of them using HubSpot for all marketing and sales activities increases. At times, such interventions help identify an internal HubSpot champion.
  • HubSpot Implementation Success – Software implementations fail. Many. A Hubspot software implementation is no different. Trainings help to mitigate that risk, by catalysing buy-in from management and users.
  • Learn from HubSpot Experts – Why not learn from someone who has already been through the frustration and grind of learning HubSpot? Sometimes it just makes sense to add a few years to our life. Right?

Has your business ever taken a HubSpot training? Talk to a HubSpot Partner today.

Team Znbound
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