Is Print Media Dying? Not in India!

When I woke up in the morning as a child, the first thing I always saw was my father reading a newspaper with a cup of coffee by his side. Sounds poetic but it has been a constant in my life and somehow, seeing this always makes my day. But kids across developed nations in the world may not be greeted by this pleasant morning sight anymore. With people now turning to the Internet for their news needs their fathers are probably hunched over a smartphone.

Across the world print media is facing plummeting profits and is most certainly dying. But we Indians are singing another merry tune. Print isn’t dying in India, not by a long shot!While countries like the United States are facing layoffs owing to falling readership, Indian newspapers are only seeing a sharp upswing.

The infographic below will illustrate why print media in India is not only surviving but actually flourishing:

Print is dead not in India


Like every other trend this too may not last but the immediate future of print media in India certainly looks rosy.

Team Znbound
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