Keyword cannibalization eats up your website

keyword cannibalization seo znbound

Keyword cannibalization is a funny term. But, it can literally spell death to an afflicted website. Keyword cannibalization is a SEO term used to describe the situation where multiple pages on a website are competing for the same keyword or phrase. This can lead to confusion for search engines, which can result in lower rankings … Read more

Did March 10 change your search intent?

did march 10 change search intent

In this blog we will share with you exactly what you can do to optimize your website’s search traffic during these unprecedented times. . . . . . . . Did you really think it was going to be that simple?‍ We’d get as much traffic as banana bread recipe websites get ever since the … Read more

5 Reasons why Google is like Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War

google as thanos seo

Last Friday Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most ambitious crossover Avengers Infinity war was released. And it was amazing and everyone loved it. At the office, while we were discussing the possible applications of Machine Learning in getting good SEO result, my mind went on to compare Google as Thanos, the mighty titan, the villain of Avengers … Read more

Inbound Marketing going astray

inbound marketing astray

I use twitter, still. I wish the feed was ‘more positive’. A few weeks ago, I chanced upon the tweet of a fellow SaaS marketer. It lamented about the absence of quality content in the first page of ‘Google search results’. The tweet went further to speculate that search results on page 2 were better … Read more

HubSpot SEO without the Keyword Tool?

hubspot seo keyword tool

When I decided to take up Digital Marketing I knew my affinities would draw me to the content and strategizing side of things. But little did I know that I would be introduced to the confusing but invigorating world of SEO too!While SEO seems like a beast that needs to be tamed, Znbound has it … Read more

Your SEO Strategy is missing HERO keywords

SEO Strategy is missing HERO keywords

Are you an inbound marketer? If Yes, then the term “Keyword” becomes like a daily word which you use. How well do you know your keywords? Doesn’t it amaze you how google shows website results completely relevant to your search terms? Keywords are like pillars which provide strength to your online presence. And they also … Read more