We Blocked ‘Free emails’ in the forms. Guess what happened next?

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Do you know? 61% of B2B marketers find generating high-quality leads as their biggest challenge. (B2B Technology Marketing Community) Whenever we (Marketing team) catch up for a meeting with the sales team, the sales team rise up their concern on Inaccurate data of leads coming into the funnel and the efforts wasted in following up … Read more

Are your web forms missing a step?


Any savvy inbound marketer knows that after putting all the hard work and sweat to get visitors to your landing page, the next big step is to get them to convert and become leads for your company. When they finally reach your landing page, the last thing you want to do is scare them away … Read more

Keyword in title or H1?

When you SEO a webpage, where do you place the target keyword?Page title? Or the article heading i.e. H1? Or do you keep both same?We prefer to keep both same. Only at times, when we wish to take a creative spin on the the article heading, do we keep page title and H1 different. Since … Read more

500% increase in Lead Generation through Social Media!

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Social, SEO, SEM, PPC…all have different contributions in the field of digital marketing. All of these include both organic seo services and paid services. Since we are an Inbound Marketing Agency, we are experts in growing businesses organically by providing value to our clients. I have been working with Znbound for 2 months now and … Read more

Can you call B2B Social Media Paid Campaigns with above average CTRs successful?

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As an inbound marketing agency, customer acquisition is what we stand for. In order to achieve that we use several channels, and social media is one of them. Have you run paid campaigns on social media before? Were they successful? Are you sure? We make an attempt to answer the above questions using data collected … Read more

10x Organic Traffic in 15 Months

organic traffic in 15 months

As an Inbound Marketer, it’s always a joy to see organic growth in traffic. Not only does organic traffic bring predictability to a business, it justifies your tag as a true inbound marketer. While a lot of ink has been spilled on SEO growth stories, this one is different. Being an inbound marketing agency in … Read more

Flipping the Marketing Funnel with Product Qualified Leads

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Over the last decade, SaaS companies have leveraged the freemium model for converting customers. Freemium model is a combination of free and premium product features with the ability to upgrade to a paid subscription. This try before you buy strategy has given birth to some of the most successful SaaS companies – Slack, Mailchimp, Wistia … Read more

Tips to Generate 4000+ Leads from Facebook ads

Tips to Generate 4000+ Leads from Facebook ads

It isn’t just another blog. While a lot has been written about best practices concerning Facebook ads, I would restrict to sharing my organic experince with the same. At Znbound, we use Facebook ads as one of our primary lead generation methods for our clients. Looking back at my record, I have generated 4178 leads. … Read more