How To Integrate Your Webflow Website With HubSpot CRM

integrate webflow website with hubspot crm

HubSpot is a comprehensive CRM platform that offers tools for marketing, sales, content management, and customer service. Its strength lies in its ability to automate and optimize customer engagement, lead management, and analytics. Webflow, on the other hand, is a powerful CMS that empowers users to design, build, and launch responsive websites visually. It’s known … Read more

HubSpot Impact awards 2020 – It’s Our Time Again


Victorious once more. 2020 might just have had something to be happy about finally!!! Since our 1st HubSpot Impact award, We’ve been participating regularly for the prestigious trophy, and we have been triumphant again.  Inbound Mantra has been awarded the 2020 HubSpot Impact award for Grow Better – Marketing category. Our Lemon tree story of … Read more

Considered these all-weather HubSpot Partner Agencies?

top hubspot partner agencies

Are you a business looking to revamp your marketing and sales strategy? Look no further than HubSpot. Why HubSpot?  HubSpot, founded by Inbound marketing leaders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, is a comprehensive marketing, sales, and service platform that can help take your business to the next level. But, why should you choose HubSpot over … Read more

Make customer promoters with HubSpot Service Hub

make customer promoters with hubspot service hub

It was 10th May 2018, I opened HubSpot to do my regular review on reports and the most important task of all “if any of my contacts have moved to DEAL”.  Suddenly I saw a notification drop-down “HubSpot has new features click here”. I just clicked it without any clue where it will lead me, … Read more

HubSpot’s India

hubspot india's future

It was 09.40 P.M. on a pleasant Saturday evening (April 2016) that I found myself walking up the entrance slope of the Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi. I was excited, despite the hurried up dinner. For I was to meet someone leading HubSpot’s marketing initiatives in the Asia Pacific. As I made into the entrance … Read more

What HubSpot power users really want?

What HubSpot power users really want

Znbound is a proud HubSpot Partner. The Znbound team has has been exploring HubSpot tool quite a bit. We are yet to do more. During this journey, we have encountered various issues with HubSpot, some of them have been resolved and for others, we are yet to hear from HubSpot. Here, I am listing down … Read more

HubSpot to WordPress migration sans migraine

hubspot to wordpress migration-the complete guide

Businesses rarely stick to the tools and platforms they used when they started their journey. Same is the case with CMS. You started with something but after a point of time that doesn’t look like the perfect option for you. What to do? Thankfully you can migrate from one platform to another without any significant … Read more

Formal HubSpot Training really needed?


A formal HubSpot training is de-facto discussion in all HubSpot deals. Znbound’s response is standard and honest. The HubSpot software is intuitive. Getting one’s hands dirty is the best and enduring way to learn the HubSpot software. HubSpot has also created a wealth of resources, tutorials, certifications and projects that one can take advantage of. … Read more