Improve Email Deliverability

improve email deliverability best practices

For a marketer, building effective email automation systems is a critical approach to maximize conversions. But when it comes to scaling up email marketing, there comes the deliverability problems. Putting in so much effort but ending up in spams or emails not getting delivered properly is a worst scenario for any marketer.  When I met … Read more

Duplicate Content is full of myths


“Will google ban my page if I duplicate someone else’s content?” Myths like these induce fear in the hearts of marketers whose aim might be to only publish the best content for their audience. There are forum posts, Reddit threads, technical audits, tools, and even SEO news websites that are putting up articles that show … Read more

HubSpot Content Marketing Strategy Tool : Thinking Beyond Keywords


Hubspot is an all-in-one Inbound Marketing software that helps marketers attract visitors and convert them into customers. So how do Inbound Marketers attract visitors in the first place? By appealing to potential visitors with the use of Search Engine Optimization. One of the most interesting and effective techniques of SEO has been deep linking. Previously, … Read more

6 Ways to Squeeze Your Content Into Compact Masterpieces

Sweet. That’s how concise compact looks. Effective write-ups have one thing in common – they’re concise. Yet, influential and powerful. Maybe, that’s how the phrase ‘short and sweet’ came into existence. Every word says a story. Some stories brush your heart, and stay right there. Expressing more in lesser words is a crucial aspect of … Read more

5 Tips to Craft Engaging Content on Topics You Know Nothing About

craft engaging content on topics you know nothing about

In an ideal world, I would only be writing content regarding makeup and beauty but sadly that doesn’t always happen. Although it’s been only 2 months since I began working at Inbound Mantra I have written some highly technical pieces of content. These content pieces were about things I knew absolutely nothing about. The first … Read more