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Why do you need a Marketing Automation Software?

Why do you need a Marketing Automation Software?

This is the single most important question. Do not proceed if you do not have an answer.

Has your marketing list outgrown the excel sheet? Are your leads not being followed up on time? Is your marketing team wasting money on random email campaigns? Is the team tired and bored of doing repetitive campaign tasks? Are your challenged in achieving your business goals month after month? Do you have a new business plan to cater to? Do you want to get personal 1:1 with your customers and prospects in a helpful way?

Ask Why?

Where to invest? Which marketing automation software to choose?

Investment into marketing automation is not just a marketing decision. It is strategic. And its ownership is vital to success. There are a lot of marketing automation software provider mostly SaaS but the market leaders are HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua and Dynamics marketing.

We recommend HubSpot to clients looking for a credible commercial option. For the others, we recommend open source options like Mautic, not just because of the cost, but also because of the possibilities to experiment.

What is a marketing automation software?

Modern day marketing and sales requires us to do a number of manual repetitive tasks. Marketing automation software not only replaces all of this, but at the same time also empowers marketers to add more sophistication to their campaigns.

Which is the best software?

It depends. Some platforms like Eloqua and Marketo are more suited for enterprise companies. And then there are thousands of products that are adopted by the SMB market. Not sure, if you have heard about Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2019): Martech 5000 (actually 7,040) which points to the overcrowding in this space.

Are there any marketing automation tools, specifically for B2B?

No. The marketing automation software currently available in the market do no discriminate between B2B and B2C. Their adoption is governed by the corresponding use cases.

When to start thinking about switching to marketing automation?

Once the potential of your marketing prospect list exceeds 100, it may be a good time to start preparing for marketing automation. You also need to start thinking of buying a marketing automation software when you start getting leads from different channels.

How will it benefit your venture?

Marketing automation isn’t just automation. It integrates all the marketing activities and tools, to give marketers a single unified view of the funnel. It brings together all the channels – website, emails, sometimes even calling, analytics, social media, content marketing and the new tool launched today – to drive performance-oriented marketing.

Developments in Big Data and Analytics are further pushing the envelope on marketing automation, and its scope is only expanding.

What exactly is marketing automation?

Put simply, Marketing Automation Software helps you automate repetitive tasks such as emails, social media and website tasks. It helps marketing departments optimize, monitor and scale each channel effectively, leading to an increased audience, engagement, and marketing performance.

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