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They are pioneers in contactless, cloud-based workspace solutions, creating smart, secure and modern workplace experiences for Fortune 500 and large enterprises worldwide. The brand-centric and configurable approach enables Veris to birth new experiences for the users. Veris offers a powerful suite of product offerings to raise the overall productivity of the organisation. The workplace security is strengthened by complying with industry-accepted processes and standards


Identification of problem before offering HubSpot’s  best practices

Veris was looking for a platform that could streamline their marketing and sales processes and help them save time and increase efficiency. Freshsales just wasn't able to provide the level of automation and integration that Veris needed to achieve their goals.


Veris was facing challenges in streamlining their sales and marketing activities through HubSpot CRM, which was impacting their lead generation and conversion rates. To address this, our team provided comprehensive HubSpot onboarding services that helped Veris to optimize their CRM implementation. We worked closely with their team to understand their unique requirements and developed a customized implementation plan that included setting up and configuring HubSpot CRM, migrating data, creating automation workflows, and providing training to their staff. Our solution helped Veris to streamline their lead generation and lead nurturing efforts, resulting in increased efficiency, better lead quality, and improved conversion rates. By leveraging the power of HubSpot CRM, Veris was able to achieve their marketing and sales goals, and we are proud to have played a part in their success.

HubSpot Solution Package

Professional Onboarding package fits best for Veris

Professional Onboarding

Znbound’s team of HubSpot specialist assisted  with the implementation of HubSpot Marketing and Sales software & built a plan for launching Veris’ automation journey with their  first email campaign along with setting up their sales pipelines, third-party integrations and social channels for effective reach out 

Marketing Hub Professional - Marketing Contacts (Includes 2,000 Marketing Contacts)

5,000 Additional Marketing Contacts

Sales Hub Professional (Includes 5 Users)

Sales Hub Professional Additional Users (3 Users)

Scope > HubSpot Marketing Hub Services

Standard Set-up

  • Connect your social accounts in HubSpot
  • Confirm time zone
  • Install HubSpot tracking code to website
  • Filter out internal IP addresses
  • Integrate with Google Analytics
  • Set up GTM (Google Tag manager)
  • Connect Ads Accounts in HubSpot
  • Connect your subdomains, if any.
  • Add an email sending domain
  • Upload your logo and favicon
  • Define physical address and email types
  • Configure blog settings (not relevant for Wordpress)
  • Import contacts into HubSpot
  • Replace existing forms with HubSpot forms
  • Capture leads with Pop-up Forms


  • Setting up workflows for nurturing 
  • Setting up workflows for lead routing
  • Reports and Dashboards

Scope > HubSpot Sales Hub Services

Standard Set-up

  • Connect email inbox 
  • Set up team profile and settings
  • Invite team
  • Create custom properties to store your data
  • Review existing contacts database
  • Import your contacts, companies, deals, and notes into HubSpot
  • Install HubSpot tracking code on website
  • Set up your deal currencies
  • Training


  • Emailing prospects
  • Connect email and calendar so you can use the meetings tool to let prospects book time with you. 
  • Use email scheduling to send to prospects at their preferred times. 
  • Email prospects directly from the CRM.

HubSpot Training

At Znbound, we understand the importance of effective training when it comes to using HubSpot to its fullest potential. As a HubSpot partner agency, we take pride in providing comprehensive onboarding and training services to our clients, and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Veris to help them get up and running with the platform. Our team of experts provided hands-on training sessions for both Veris' marketing and sales teams, ensuring that everyone felt comfortable and confident using the platform. 

We went over the basics of the platform, including how to navigate the interface and how to use different features, as well as best practices for getting the most out of HubSpot. We made sure to leave plenty of time for questions and one-on-one support to make sure that everyone had a solid understanding of the platform and how to use it effectively. Overall, it was a great experience working with Veris and helping them get the most out of their HubSpot investment.


At Znbound, we know that integrating HubSpot with other third-party tools is key to unlocking its full potential. We took a strategic approach to the integration process, carefully evaluating the client's needs and recommending the best solutions to meet those needs. Our team was able to streamline the integration process, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for the Veris team members. Throughout the process, we provided ongoing support and training to make sure the client was comfortable using the platform and taking advantage of all its features. 


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