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I strongly recommend Znbound if you are looking to get started with Inbound Marketing. You just need to tell them your growth goals and they will not rest till they find a way to achieve it. Znbound has supported DemandFarm for the last two years in creating a predictable revenue pipeline. We know exactly our ‘new’ expected MRR for the next month. Great Team

Milind Katti
DemandFarm, COO


DemandFarm is a Key Account Management Software system solely focused on addressing unique challenges that Key Account professionals face. With focused functionality the software allows all stakeholders of strategic, Key and global account programs to intensively cultivate, build, harvest and profitably grow the organization’s most valuable relationships.


Getting the first level of customers from known referrals, DemandFarm hunted for a key channel which can help them win a good number of qualified leads to grow beyond.


Iterated continuously for over 6 months using agile inbound marketing to determine the right strategy for predictable revenue growth.