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Milind Katti

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It's very hard for growing B2B companies like us to find the right marketing agency who focuses on ROI. We serve the North American market and we were looking for an Inbound Agency who could help us grow faster. We came across Znbound who were based out of India but we never faced any challenge. And I must say it has worked really well and it has been an incredible experience working with them. They are number driven and they always put their skin in the game for you. We were worried for the first 3 months as the improvement was slow but after that, we have never looked back. With only 20 leads per month now we get 120+ leads a month just from inbound marketing. Our business has grown 5 folds in the last 3 years. I'll highly recommend them for small businesses and startups who desire to grow fast with inbound marketing.

Sunny Arora
Broadcast2world, Director

Broadcast2world (B2W)

One of the world’s largest explainer video companies with a large in-house production team.


For 12 continuous months, organic traffic and leads from the key markets of US and Canada had remained flat. Additionally, heavy reliance on expensive PPC and lead generation campaigns on software listing websites to support growth.


Inbound Marketing Strategy with a two-pronged approach that involved focus on SEO to drive up highly relevant commercial organic traffic from US and Canada; followed by timely nurturing with apt content.



The Growth Playbook

Relentless inbound marketing
Blogs and Pillar Pages
Website Redesign
Landing Pages
Nurturing - Account Planning Frameworks
Fall Offer Campaign


The idea was to re-target the Website Visitors and give them special discounts during the Fall season so that they keep coming for more.


This was a Facebook remarketing campaign launched around the Fall season in October 2016 to reach out to people who were already aware of B2w and give them Special  Discounts.

What is Key account Management
Social Proof Campaign


For this campaign client’s testimonial was taken and sponsored campaign was launched on social media platforms.


This was run on both Facebook and LinkedIn. It was a campaign promoting Social Proof which never fails.

What is Key account Management
Donald Trump Campaign


Idea was to grab prospect’s attention during the Presidential elections and focus on the power of Video Marketing which played a major role in helping Trump become Mr President.


This is a LinkedIn campaign which was launched around the Presidential Elections 2016 in the US.

What is Key account Management
YouTube Alternatives Campaign


It was aimed to offer a Free eBook download to the people who are interested in Video hosting.


This was a LinkedIn sponsored campaign launched to offer informational resources to the target audience of interest.

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