Wikipedia – The Underrated Inbound Marketing SEO Tool

SEO is sort of ciphering the working of a Black Box.

While you don’t know what is going inside the box, you can track the input you give and the output you obtain from it.

This is because no one knows the internal working of a search engine other than the people who made it. It is a constant cycle of doing experiments and noting conclusions, of trying new methods that lead towards optimization.

While this may not be simple or convenient, a person finding a new way of optimization owns the knowledge known by few, which makes that knowledge valuable.  One of these methods which is known by few and used by fewer, is using Wikipedia as a inbound marketing SEO tool. You might have tried many inbound marketing strategies, but i bet you’ve never heard of this one and unlike other search engine optimization techniques this works.                        


Wikipedia is an Ocean

Do you know the number of pages on Wikipedia?

5.8 million web pages.

And do you know the traffic they get every month?

8,473 million in the month of April, 2016.

Wikipedia is valuable piece of web real estate. If you don’t believe me search anything, chances are a page belonging to Wikipedia will be in the first page of the results if not the top three.

Let me show you how to leverage Wikipedia for your Inbound Marketing SEO.

How to leverage Wikipedia?

Create a Page

First step of using Wikipedia to your advantage is making sure that you have a Wikipedia page with your organisation or website as a topic.

Please note, this is to be done by a person with no ties with your organisation.

This would be a great source of endorsement and help in increasing your web presence. A Wikipedia page makes your organization come off as a well established organisation and helps in making a good name for your brand

Add a Wikipedia Reference

Another great way of utilizing Wikipedia for SEO is to place a link of your site as reference in a Wikipedia page.

All links on Wikipedia are deemed “no follow”, i.e the crawler stops at the moment it encounters this link. Due to this, it might seem a worthless practice but nothing could be further from the truth, as people using this method get the desired results and then some.

This would also help in directing traffic towards your domain. Again this should be implemented by the person who is not associated with the organisation SEO is being done for.

Wikipedia is very strict in allowing contributors to place reference matter. Please follow these best practices to improve your chance for a successful reference contribution.

Following are steps to follow when implementing SEO using Wikipedia.              

  • Add to Wikipedia page – (Wikipedia page) The key is content, content should be meaningful and should add to the value of the page. Remember your links will stay on the page as long as your content does.

  • Contribute actively – Start by being an active contribute on Wikipedia by adding content to the web pages of your choice.This would help increase your reputation, and help your content stay on the page.

  • Don’t add links – Do not add your links to the article as they are removed by Wikipedia hawks as soon as they parse the page.

  • Use Reference Space – A more ideal place for including links is the reference space, although this reference has to be backed by reputable piece of content which add value to the web page.

  • Add a Group of Links – Add more than one reference as this would imply your content is a product of research and not just a SEO practice.

In the end one should take care while doing this and pay caution because if you keep adding a lot of links without good content and do not follow the step mentioned above Wikipedia might put your website in a spam list.

Have you leveraged Wikipedia? What did you see in terms of your results?

Tell us about it in the comments.

Team Znbound
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