Why is Inbound Marketing beyond the perfect job?

                     “Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”- Sir Bernard Shaw

Ever since I came across this quote, I have tried to follow it all through my journey of learning.

Towards the end of my post graduation however, I was in a dilemma to choose the right path for myself.

As a Management as well as a Communication grad, I wanted to do something which will give me the exposure of both. I was really thrilled about the growing pace of Digital in our country.

So, I decided to do something in the digital sphere but was in a grey area as to go where.

I would often picture the corporate world as a dull and boring one which further added to my confusions.
Trying to find the perfect job description which can complete my requirements was certainly a Herculean task at this juncture.

Towards the end of my college days, I was acquainted to inbound marketing. Though I was familiar with the term as it was a part of my course, I had no idea of its far reaching scope.

Where my friends were getting hired in some of the best Digital Marketing Agencies, the job description was not as exciting for me to apply for it.

You might be thinking what is my problem.

Digital marketing is not for me. I want, MORE!

Well a person like me is never satisfied with the first answer. I want to do various things at once. Monotonous work is one of those things I never want to do.

I went for something I never thought of.

My confusion stuck between Inbound Marketing and Digital Marketing as I had always thought of the latter as a vast field.

Only after joining Inbound Mantra I came to know that I had it all in reverse. Digital Marketing is merely a small part in the larger scheme of things.

And Yes, I am happy I chose Inbound Marketing over Digital Marketing.

My first task at Inbound Mantra was to browse HubSpot which is World’s best Marketing and Sales tool and this is when I understood the depth of it.

And here began my journey of learning Inbound Marketing where I was introduced to various concepts including Buyer Persona, Keyword Research, SEO (search engine optimization), social-media marketing and landing pages.

Sometimes I think that just one month ago I was so unclear about the very concept of SEO and now I can suggest you a Keyword Strategy for your ‘’On Page SEO’’.

Yeah! This term meant nothing more than a tool for me before inbound marketing happened to me.

And now I know you can’t move ahead with your strategy without mastering this one crucial element.

Until then, it has been a month and  I am still being introduced to several new concepts every day such as back-linking, website designing and lead nurturing. And the feeling of realizing Inbound Marketing as the Future of Marketing is indescribable.  

Now I should answer that question for you – Why is Inbound Marketing beyond the the perfect job?

Because, it is about performance, results, multi-tasking, planning and becoming a one man army at that. I have tried being that all my life.

Inbound Marketing IS the future of marketing.

So, if it is a war you have decided to fight on the Digital space, would you like to fight it without the best (and a beast of a) weapon in your arsenal?

Team Znbound
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