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The Znbound team has has been exploring HubSpot tool quite a bit. We are yet to do more. During this journey, we have encountered various issues with HubSpot, some of them have been resolved and for others, we are yet to hear from HubSpot.

Here, I am listing down the challenges we have faced so far. Also, there is a list at the end where i have added the past issues which are now resolved. I will keep updating this list as we get more issues. As and when the issues are resolved, i will keep moving them to the Resolved list.

I urge you to send us the issues you face, so that we can continuously update this post. We are confident that the HubSpot product team will look into this and propose solutions.

HubSpot Issues

these issues

Mass Twitter Upload – Issues with Images

While uploading tweets in bulk through excel tool to HubSpot, images cannot be attached. So, at this moment only text tweets can be bulk uploaded.

Contact without email

As on date, HubSpot doesn’t allow the contacts to be uploaded without email address. This is an issue most commonly faced while adding inbound call leads or leads obtained thorugh a live chat service on the website where a visitor gives just phone number and walks away.

Combining / Merging Forms

Combining two or more forms or merging them is a challenge within HubSpot. This is because the forms once merged will loose the data attached to them (submissions, submission rate etc). But, you can surely do this before your form has captured any submissions. So, its best to spend sometime on designing your forms and landing pages strategy so that later on, you don’t find yourself in a situation wherein you need to merge forms.

Bulk Tracking URLs

Currently, the UTM tracking URLs cannot be designed in bulk. One has to make each URL separately.

Original Source Contact Property

There are instances where you have uploaded a contact in HubSpot whose original source is known to you and you would like to update accordingly. But, HubSpot treats all contacts added manually as Offline contacts and doesn’t allow to edit this property called “Original Source“. We manage this situation by adding an additional property to capture contact sources. This is one way of addressing the situation.

Google Page Speed Insights for HubSpot Hosted Pages

Google Page Speed tool gives a series of errors when you run a HubSpot hosted landing page through it. We raised this issue to HubSpot.

This is the reply we received:

For the errors that Google is mentioning with “Eliminate render-blocking Javascript and CSS in above-the-fold content are errors that are going to be across every HubSpot hosted site. In order to get rid of these errors, it would require rewriting our entire tool. It is a task that our developers are looking in to, but it would be no quick fix by any means. These errors should not be affecting SEO, though. For example, if you look at hubspot.com on Page Insights (https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.hubspot.com), you will see that we have horrible speed according to Google, yet because of remarkable content, our SEO and page ranks continue to do well. Google cares more about the content and user experience than the page speed. Additionally, HubSpot hosts their content with Akamai, who is known for providing some of the fastest load times possible (http://www.hubspot.com/products/uptime-security-speed). Although it might not be reflected in the few errors Google provides, we are continuing to increase the speed and load time of HubSpot all the time.

And we hope that HubSpot resolves this issue soon.

Reporting related issues

There are two major issues with reporting in HubSpot :-

  • You can only view reports for Primary domain and then All domains together. Reporting feature for all domains individually is not available even in their enterprise version which offers any number of websites.
  • Once you change your primary domain, all the historic reporting data is lost.

Capturing recent source of conversion of an existing contact

Many a times, we have offline or inactive contacts who become active by filling a new landing page or as a result of an ad campaign or an email nurturing campaign. HubSpot doesn’t recognize the source of his recent conversion. As a result, measuring ROI for Inbound Marketing efforts becomes difficult. HubSpot, kindly look into this matter 🙁

Issue with file upload directly from google drive

There is surely an issue with the tool while trying to upload the files directly from Google drive, though tool gives an option. We raised this issue to HubSpot and here is the reply:

Thanks for reaching out to HubSpot Support!How are you attempting to upload the file? By dragging the file directly from Google Drive? If so, I would recommend downloading the file to your desktop first and then dragging the file from your desktop to the File Manager – the file needs to be saved to your computer, rather than added directly from the internet, before it can be uploaded.Thank You and Happy HubSpotting !

Yes, we will… till the time HubSpot corrects the issue.

Picking up old meta description – HubSpot Cache Issue

A blog was published with some errors in the meta description. Soon after publishing the mistake was identified and changes made. Even after updating the meta description, while sharing on LinkedIn it kept on fetching the old meta description. It is an issue of reputation loss for our client. HubSpot support gave us a temporary solution –

  • Unpublish the orginal blog post
  • Clone it
  • Publish the clone

HubSpot Issues – Resolved

HubSpot Difficulty for India Searches

Earlier HubSpot keyword tool was not giving searches for India location. We requested them to add this feature. HubSpot was kind enough to add this feature. This happened in Apr-May 2015. Thank you HubSpot. This tool was deprecated completely in 2018.

Contact Capture Without Email [Resolved]

This is an ongoing issue where a lead is able to fill a HubSpot form without entering email address. This is a one off case you might encounter with one of your forms. HubSpot was aware of this issue and they have recently notified that it is resolved. So, if you face such an issue in future, do raise it to HubSpot.

Monthly searches mismatch between HubSpot and Google Keyword Planner tool

Search numbers taken from HubSpot and Google keyword planner differ. The difference is minimal most of the time and can be ignored. Still, in some cases, it would be wise to use your judgement.

Posting image onto LinkedIn

Images can’t be attached to LinkedIn posts while scheduling through HubSpot.

No Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Support

For the purposes of increasing our mobile traffic we wanted to implement google AMP on our blog pages. Neither does HubSpot have a plugin nor any other methodology for implementation of AMP. We had raised the query to their support, below is the reply received :-

AMP isn’t something that is currently supported for HubSpot hosted blogs without custom development, so we in Support are not the best resources to speak to if you should or should not implement.There are some great articles on our community forum (see here https://inbound.org/discuss/should-we-invest-to-amp-accelerated-mobile-pages and https://inbound.org/discuss/accelerated-mobile-pages) where people discuss the strategy, and pros and cons, and functionality that can be lost when using AMP.If you would like the option for AMP as a feature, I recommend voting for this submission on our ideas forum, ideas.hubspot.com, where you can provide your use case, other customers can upvote the idea, and you will be notified if our product team decides to develop it!

AMP is now available for blogs, but not for website pages and landing pages.

Filtering Visits Country wise

When the visits of your website are tracked on Hubspot it doesn’t give you the option to filter these visits country wise. Having the option to split visits country wise gives the Business a better edge to understand its customer. The effectiveness of your marketing cannot be tracked when you cannot segment your data based on your Buyer Persona.

Issues – Resolved 🙂

Team Znbound
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