Welcome 2015 !

I am excited to share that Znbound was successful in closing couple of customers in the enterprise software products space, before the year closed. 2015 is looking the best ever since we started Inbound Mantra.Market is moving ...On the demand side, we are seeing interest that is specifically saying "inbound marketing". It is a sign that the market is moving from "problem awareness" to "solution consideration". We are seeing this fundamental shift in a few sectors. We are expecting this trend to continue in 2015. The HubSpot Partner status is also helping Inbound Mantra validate this shift.

Performance oriented offering ... and Recruitment

From the Inbound Mantra side, of the new 2015 programs, the most exciting one would be "a performance oriented offering for our customers" . This, we believe, will define Inbound Mantra's value proposition going forward.Recruitment continues to be a challenge. What seems to be working here, is inbound interest. Our latest hires reached out to us. If you happen to come in touch with good folks who would be keen to build careers in Inbound Marketing, please introduce Inbound Mantra.I have enjoyed our interactions and found it challenging to address your questions. This year, I would be looking to your feedback and valuable inputs.

Happy New Year !!!

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