What I mean... A Website talking.

I always wonder if we humans are the only beings on Earth who can talk?

Being a visual designer, I strive to make people understand my creatives, my thoughts. In my belief, everything around us speaks its perspective louder than we hear. Even websites. We underrate a website as a domain to a brand or a company. But each of them has a deeper, meaningful perspective of its own. An immense web design process is what it takes.

I am working on this project called COS Marketplace Template design. So a new job, a new project gave me all new dreams. Every time I sit beside my laptop or phone, a research is going on. What is web design? Why is it important? What should I remember before designing a web page?  What is a web design process? Every day I learn a new thing. And every night, I have a new dream. Dream of a website. Dream about what she would be thinking about her design process. Will she get impressed by my work? How she feels about her life cycle. What's her perspective? Hence, I decided to put my dreams of her perspective in this blog. Let's see what she is thinking...

Hi there. I'm Website. Oops.. Let me get ready first...  Where's my UI/UX?

Get a side. Get a side. My CTA is blooming. Ready for a CLICK.


Ding... The runway is set. Fasten your belts, We're landing.

Hey! But first, (No, no, we are not taking a selfie) you have to fill my form. I will remember you always.

Thank you, I had an amazing time with you... Oops, I forgot to ask about your experience with me? Nevermind, I'll email you!

You see, the website of my dreams is thinking all crazy about her life. I'm sure everything around us must have its own perspective. Take some time out to listen to them.

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