Uninstalling WhatsApp

“All this digital and social media is all too overwhelming”I hear this quote often, from clients, prospects and friends.To support them intelligently, the Znbound team would be devoting ‘research’ effort to make better sense of the digital tools around.Thus, is the reason for a ‘non inbound marketing’ kind of topic in this blog.Early last month, I uninstalled WhatsApp after being a power user for 3 years.

uninstalling whatsapp for inbound marketing

When I started, it was mostly for one-to-one messages with friends. WhatsApp groups changed it all. So, there was a school buddy group (3 in my case), Engineering friends Group and a B-School batchmate group. Invariably, a discussion on any of these groups would go VIRAL one day. And you know what that means.The discussions were eclectic – politics, business, parenting, investment and many unnamed topics. But, it was all too distracting.I put off all notifications. It did work, but not enough.Increasingly, I found myself turning to WhatsApp, mostly aimlessly. It was becoming my ‘Boredom Port’ – a place I went to when I had nothing else to do.In the pursuit of increasing personal productivity (I studied Industrial Engineering), one fine day in September, I uninstalled WhatsApp.It is already more than a month, now.Nothing has changed. Or has it.

  • The phone is now what it should be – for phone calls, checking email and all google apps office tools.
  • Clients now call, and that gives me a better sense of their everyday challenges. Tone, after all, gives it away. A few have even congratulated me on the ‘WhatsApp Uninstall’ and I am only wondering why?
  • Friends have been utmost sympathetic, calling me to enquire my well-being. I confess, I liked the attention.
  • Daughter likes my attention.
  • Reading has gone up by 2X.
  • A 7 – 8 hrs sleep.

It started as an experiment, but it looks as if it is going to stay.I will keep you posted, if I reinstall. If you uninstall, do tell me.

Happy Whatsapping !!!

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