Ever participated in a Twitter Chat ?

It’s a bird, it’s a plane. No it is not Superman. It is a Twitter Chat. A powerful feature from Twitter that supports the utility of Web 2.0 for education and learning.

Twitter Chat

It is fast. It is furious. Tweets are being thrown from all sides. But all those 140 character nuggets converge, almost in an army-like disciplined fashion, around the ubiquitous hashtag #. If you have participated in a Twitter chat you will understand the thrill. Twitter Chat is similar to a Jaipur Literary Fest, but where everybody gets to speak and be heard. Twitter chat is the best place to find like-minded learned individuals, know them, build connections and promote yourself prominently.

Why a Twitter Chat? – For Web 2.0 Education and Learning A twitter chat is a regular periodic congress of like-minded individuals who challenge each other to articulate insights within 140 characters, usually centred on a pre-announced theme. About an hour in duration, the fast pace of the chat squeezes out powerful insights, clarifies ambiguities and generates fresh ideas. A perfect example how web 2.0 and social media can aid learning and education.

Twitter Chat Resources

Twitter chats exist for all topics under the sun. A collection of quality twitter chats can be found under.

Start-up entrepreneurs in India could consider participating in start-up buzz (twitter hashtag #sbuzz) that happens every Wednesday at 1900 hrs IST. You can catch us there, often.

Do share your experience with Twitter chats? Also do share if you checked out some of the twitter chats mentioned in this post.

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