Top Five LinkedIn Search Tips to Fire your Sales

Are you really leveraging the power of LinkedIn Search to boost Sales?

Here are five tips to fire your Sales. Businesses run on Revenues. Revenues are a function of Sales. Therefore, the pressure is always ON the sales team members. Whether you are in Real Estate, Insurance, Financial Services, B2C B2B Lead Generation or even B2B Corporate Sales, as a sales person don’t you feel the anxiety as the month draws to an end? In this post, we look at how sales executives can keep adding to their prospect list by leveraging LinkedIn Search. LinkedIn with 700 million registered members is the world’s largest professional networking tool. Therefore, to reach out to business executives and professionals, LinkedIn is a potent B2C and B2B Lead Generation tool. And smart use of LinkedIn Search can add power to your Sales.

#1 Sort Function

(Top Right Hand Corner of the LinkedIn Search Results Page)

After you input your desired keyword search string (this could be ‘B2B Lead Generation’ if you are targeting prospects for B2B Lead Generation Services) in the LinkedIn Search box, LinkedIn displays results by “Relevance” as default. You can also sort your results by relationship, recommendations and connections to narrow down effectively on your target prospects for LinkedIn Sales.


#2 Filters provide effective Sales Opportunities

(Left Hand Column of the LinkedIn Search Results Page)

LinkedIn Search Filters add power to your search. You can narrow down your results by companies, industry, location and even language. More filters are available to LinkedIn Premium accounts.

#3 Postal Code LinkedIn Search for Local Sales

(Click ‘More’ on the Top Left Hand Corner of the LinkedIn Search Results Page)

If your business is local or if your sales area is specified, the LinkedIn Search by Postal Code is a good method to narrow down on prospects.

#4 LinkedIn Advanced Search

Most sales executives miss out on the tiny text “Advanced” adjacent the LinkedIn Search bar. LinkedIn Advanced Search enables you to search by Industries and LinkedIn Groups. It could be a great idea generator to get started with Sales when sales executives are still finalising search keywords. After all, inbound marketing does trigger inbound sales.

linkedin advanced search

#5 Viewers of this Profile also viewed…

When viewing the LinkedIn Profile of a prospect or any other person, LinkedIn displays a small list called “Viewers of this Profile also viewed…” . This list usually gets missed out. But, if you pay attention, it can yield some valuable additions to your prospect list.

How many of these tips have you been using as part of your LinkedIn Sales process? Do let us know if you tried any of the above and how did it work out for you? Till then, keep searching!!!

Rajagopalan Chandrashekar
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