Solve Your Long Tail Keywords Problems like an Inbound Marketing Pro!

What is the most difficult part of Inbound Marketing?

Ask any Inbound Marketeer this one question. And you will end up with different answers each time. Some will argue that it is the nurturing that is the most difficult part. Some will say it is the formation of the ideal Buyer Persona that is the most difficult process in the Inbound Methodology. But tweak that question around a bit and everyone would give you the same answer. What do you struggle the most with when it comes to Inbound Marketing? I am of course focussing on something very pertinent. Something that is the very cornerstone of Inbound Marketing. Lead Generation.

One of the most intensive process during the ATTRACT phase of the inbound methodology. Ample amount of attention is given to this to garner qualified leads that will prompt conversions. Also happens to be one of the most painstaking of processes. So. What is that one thing you need for a healthy lead generation? Yes. TRAFFIC. If you are not getting enough traffic in, then lead generation is a task and a half for most SEO marketing companies.Total Nightmare. And ask any of your friendly, neighborhood SEO experts. Traffic generation is also the most tedious task possible.

However. After our conversation today you will fall in love with lead generation. Of what we know consistent lead generation requires consistent traffic. When you keep on getting fresh targeted traffic from search engines – you will be getting more sales and more leads. Organic Search here becomes fundamental for a quality lead. For that, we have to dominate the search engines in order to beat our competitors and/or to target long tail keywords. So today I am going to introduce you an Inbound Marketing tool (and my newfound love) which can help you generate quality traffic. This tool has the power to turn the Inbound Marketing game on its head. What is Long Tail Pro? Long Tail Pro is a Keyword Research tool just like Google Keyword planner which will help you to find profitable keywords, which will bring traffic to your website and leads starts pouring in thick and fast. 🙂

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Let’s start with the Long Tail Pro Tutorial!

Step 1: Create a campaign.


In the ‘Campaign’ section, fill your campaign name according to your niche. You can create as many campaigns as you want to. Select your language and country for which you want to see your Keyword’s competition.

Step 2: Add your keyword


Step 3: Enter your Moz API key

Grab your key from here – Put your Access ID and Secret Key in Long Tail Pro setting.

long Tailr pro Moz Key

After submitting the required information, the results are;

Keyword Research-1

With potential keywords giving information about Avg CPC, Local Searches, Global Searches, Advertiser Competition and Avg Keywords Competition, you are more armed for the battle, aren’t you?There is one column called Advertiser Competition which is beneficial for advertisers only. It means if you want to advertise on these keywords you have to face the level and amount of competition, as per the results. Another awesome feature is called Average Keywords Competition (Avg KC). If we click on this, it will give you the Average Keyword Competition. It means if you want to target these keywords for organic traffic, you will have to face this much competition.

Note: We target those keywords which have Average Keyword Competition less than 40.

avg keyword competition

Step 5: Analyze your competitors

I like this feature very much because I love to spy on my competitors. I guess you do too. :)Here we are going to analyze our top 10 competitors and going to see their SEO.

analyze competitors

I have selected “Inbound Marketing” which has 1,900 local searches and 40,500 Global searches and this keyword has an Average keyword competition of 56.

Here we are going to check Page Authority, Domain Authority, Page Rank and Domain’s Age of OUR COMPETITORS. Our very first observation will be to check our competitors for the exact match of “Inbound Marketing”.

But since our competitors have an exact match, we shall see which competitor has less Page Authority and Average Keywords Competition less than 40. And hence, our competitor who has occupied the sixth position on Google becomes our primary target to Outrank. So here I will conclude that with the tool, it becomes moderately easy to rank keyword and with little efforts and good backlinking, we can rank for this keyword.

Step 6 Check Your Rank in Google

Just put your Domain and Keyword and it provides you with the position of your keywords in different search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.


Final Words

This is the exact keyword research procedure which I currently use to find potential keywords for the Inbound Mantra website and for our clients, driving thousands of visitors daily. Hope this Long Tail Pro Tutorial will help you find great keywords and dominate search enginesIf you have any doubt while using LongTailPro then don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment section.

Enjoy your Keyword Research 🙂

Rajagopalan Chandrashekar
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