Ten Laws of Social Media Marketing Platforms

Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn are all Social Media Marketing platforms. And all of them may just be following some of these laws.

I just connected to the latest pin-boarding platform - Pinterest. Following the excitement around this social media tool, I am happy to present my thoughts around Social Media Marketing platforms.

Laws around Social Media Marketing Platforms

  1. Better to be a platform user, than a platform creator.
  2. Early users making good use of a platform are at an advantage.
  3. All platforms are Information Filters, or Transaction Filters.
  4. Search Engine is also a platform.
  5. All platforms compete with each other for the same Ad revenue basket.
  6. Every new successful platform is threat to all existing platforms with same source of revenue.
  7. Any platform which is the craze now, will yield to the next platform.
  8. All platforms will interconnect at some time.
  9. Platform is like Fashion.
  10. Members of a platform share more than members of a Nation.

The above note has been adapted from an original write-up by Rohit Tripathy. He can be reached on twitter @tripathyr

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