3 Reasons Businesses need Hootsuite for Social Media Management

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus and hundred other social media tools, it sure does get overwhelming. Therefore, businesses require a comprehensive social media management tool that provides ONE single picture of a Company’s social media presence. Hootsuite is one such social media management tool. Pragmatic Learning has done many comparison posts and Hootsuite has emerged as the winner when it comes to Social Media Management.Social Media Management Features of HootsuiteThe three key features of Hootsuite when it comes to Social Media Management as are as under:

#1 All Important Social Media Networks Covered

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus occupy most of the Social Media traffic across the world. Except twitter, businesses can maintain company pages on the other social media networks. Hootsuite brings all the social media networks on a single dashboard thereby bringing in productivity benefits.A short 4 minute video tutorial on how to get started with Hootsuite will help your business set up its social media presence on Hootsuite.

#2 Schedule and Auto Schedule Messages

This feature is extremely powerful. So, instead of waiting for the exact time to post messages, businesses can use Hootsuite to schedule the messages. And if you are unsure about the best posting times, Hootsuite can help you again by auto scheduling the posts based on the activity levels of your company’s social media network.

#3 Track Keywords

Hootsuite allows tracking of keywords across Social Media networks on the same dashboard. Because of this, businesses can always keep a tab on social media conversations that involve them, their brands, their competition and other aspects of their trade.These remarkable features all come FREE with the free version of Hootsuite. The premium version allows for analytics and authorization capabilities, which we would like to cover in a later post. The premium version is useful for Inbound Marketing Services agencies who are undertaking Social Media Management on behalf of clients. Kindly experiment with Hootsuite and let us know if you have found any other Social Media Management tool as versatile as Hootsuite.

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