Importance of search console for inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing is an effective way to attract highly qualified customers that are searching for your service or product. The techniques used in this process increases your organic traffic and helps you grow your business.

Techniques used for Inbound Marketing are :

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization or SEO

It is the core of Inbound Marketing methodology. Increasing Organic sometimes  is a challenge, devising right SEO Strategies can help you crack the challenge. SEO inbound marketing is all about structuring your website in such a way that search engine can easily understand your content. Let’s look at a tool which helps you in improving your SEO efforts by analyzing your website organic traffic.

Google Search Console: GSC provides actionable insights which helps us to get your content noticeable on Google search. In this article we will be discussing the importance of search console in improving inbound marketing efforts. Although Google Search Console provides with many features i will be discussing few features which can impact your SEO efforts.

  • Search Appearance
  1. Structured Data
  2. HTML Improvements
  • Search Traffic
  1. Search Analytics
  2. Links to your site
  3. Internal Linking
  4. Manual Actions
  5. Mobile usability
  • Google Index
  1. Blocked Resources
  • Crawl
  1. Crawl Errors
  2. Sitemaps

Search Appearance: This report tells us how your website is displayed on search results. Let’s look at various factors impacting

Structured data: Structuring data in the form of rich snippets.

Rich snippets? Rich snippets term is used to describe structured data markup. In below image are the results displayed for cheese cake. These website appearance look more attractive and compelling as they have reviews , image. These features can be added by using schema markup for rich snippets.

Rich snippet

This tool reports the issues faced with the rich snippet code. Solve the issues for better SEO performance.

HTML Improvements: This report tells us the areas where Page title and Meta descriptions of your website can be improved.

Quick Tips:

  • Ensure every page meta description and page title are unique
  • Make sure length of meta description is nor more than 160 characters
  • Suggestible length of page title is 60 characters

Search Traffic :If you want to learn and improve your site’s SEO this tool can give you indepth information. Want to know how?Well, I will explain you how it works. Search Analytics:This report tells us number of clicks per keyword, how keyword rank geographically, click through rate (CTR), impressions on each keyword and more. Importance of search analytics in SEOTo understand your SEO efforts whether the pages displayed on search results are ranking for relevant keywords

Search analytics_Search console
  • Click on pages in the search analytics panel.

Now you can see all the pages which are getting clicks.

  • Select any page shown in the results
  • Click on Queries

Now the keywords displayed in the report are the keywords for which the page is ranking. If the keywords displayed are not what you are expecting for your website to rank then you have not optimized your website with relevant content. Compare clicks and impressions to identify potential areas for improvement. Clicks can be increased by writing compelling page-title and meta description.

Links to your sites:This section of Search Traffic reports the website that link to your website URL’s, anchor text used for linking and pages which have the most links. Let’ see how this tools helps us in SEO Inbound Marketing:Check for the quality of links coming to your website, If you find the links to be spam Google gives you an option to disavow them.

Internal Links:If you are reading this article you may know what is internal linking. Well, If you don’t know about it let me explain you what it is about. Internal links are those links which go from page to another page of same website or domain. Best example is Wikipedia. Wikipedia’s important feature is linking through hyperlinking. These links provide instant way to readers to have an indepth understanding.

Why interlinking?

Does it work?

Interlinking helps search engine to easily crawl and index the pages. Clear structure of interlinking helps google to index, thus match the pages to search queries. Linking to related posts can help you increase time on site and lower your bounce rate.

Importance of Internal Links in SEO

This report gives us the number of internal links directed to a page. Having more internal links to a page can help us signal search engine about the importance of the page.

Manual Actions :Manual action reports you when a person from google finds your pages on the site not compliant with Google’s quality guidelines. You may think “Is this serious that I may get heart attack”?Well, that depends on the factor whether that action is impacting your organic traffic and ranking. If the manual action is affecting your website, resolves these issues immediately. This report also provides insights about how to resolve the problem. Monitor this tool on regular basis for good website health.

Mobile Usability: You may have noticed sometimes few websites on your mobile look distorted or the content is too small or big. If most of your website sessions are from mobile this tool can help you deliver great experience to your users. This tool reports all the issues that might deliver negative user experience. Solve the actions reported for a better SEO.

Google Index: Have you heard of google index? This is a really important factor for your page to appear on search results. Your page will be shown if and only if it is indexed by google.

Free Tip: Every page and post published from wordpress is indexed by default. Google index report of search console gives status of index, blocked resources from your website and URl’s which you dont want search engine to crawl. Here i will be discussing about Blocked resources which is really important for indexing and rendering your pages correctly.

Blocked resources : Your website should allow google to access your image files, javascript, CSS etc., inorder to index and render. Blocking google from accessing these files and robots.txt, search engine cannot index and render your page for users. This tool helps in understanding all the blocked resources, Identifying and solving can help you to improve your search rankings.

Crawl:Google send its bots to crawl to understand your website. In the crawl report you can understand how google crawls and the problems faced by the bots.

Crawl Errors : In this report you can find errors faced by search engine in crawling your website in both desktop and mobile. Crawl errors report provides information of the problems faced by google bots in accessing your website. Google has different crawling mechanism pages and the issues mentioned are listed specific to the pages caused during the access of your page from mobile or desktop. Issues shown in the report are generally the 404 error pages, server errors, last date when google crawled your site and more. Resolving the issues reported in the tool boost SEO performance.

Sitemaps: If your website is properly linked , it can help google bots in discovering your website. Sitemap can help you in improving crawling in your site. Essentially sitemaps signals search engines about the URL’s of your site. This can help search engine to crawl and index the pages of your site. In sitemap tool you can submit sitemap of your website. This tool gives us information how many of the submitted pages are indexed by google. Find non indexed pages and resolve the issues for better SEO performance.

Conclusion :Google Search Console is essential if you want to understand, analyze and grow your Organic traffic. SEO for inbound marketing plays a major role in driving traffic. What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

Rajagopalan Chandrashekar
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