Search Engine Market Share: Will Bing Bang Google?

Which Search Engine do you use?

I know most of the answers will be Big G i.e Google.

Did you ever think about other Search Engines?

But, now its time to think beyond Google. According to Comscore Search Engine Market Share 2015 Report, Bing has hit 20 percent market share in the US - Yahoo and Google both down slightly compared to Bing's gains.

We have created an interesting Infographic on Search Engine Market Share 2015 for Worldwide, US, UK and India. Have a look!This infographic will force you to think that you should consider Search Engine Market Share in your SEO strategy, especially if you are targeting U.S market.

Search Engine Market Share 2015 Statistics: Is it time to look beyond Google for SEO?

Following are the search engine market share by country- As you can see the us search engine market share tells it's own story.

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