Building a $270K worth pipeline for Inside Sales Box

Inside Sales Box is an all-in-one Inside Sales Software for businesses to build, manage and accelerate their sales process. The product features are many, but they count these as primary – Cadence, Email, Dialer, Lead Management and Analytics.It is a subsidiary of Ameyo (Drishti-Soft) with offices in India and the United States. Inside Sales Box is making its presence felt in an evolving space of Inside Sales. They were covered as one of the hottest cloud based marketing startups of 2015 by Forbes and Mattermark, sponsored the Saastr Annual 2016 and are now sponsoring TopoHQ 2016.Why were we engaged?Inside Sales Box was generating leads but only through cold calling, email marketing and PPC. The lead cost was also very high as nothing seemed to be working other than PPC.Everyone knows how cost effective PPC is.Sachin Bhatia (Co Founder) approached Znbound for creating an inbound marketing strategy including messaging, determining specific buyer personas, developing campaigns, executing them and planning nurturing campaigns.

Our Approach, Impact and Creativity

We implemented the inbound methodology completely and continue to rely on it for generating leads. As they were just starting with Inside Sales Box, we initially had to rely on social media paid ads for getting leads.


This is a continuous process and attract campaigns are a regular affair every month. In November 2015 we focused on keyword research, optimizing existing content and some social media campaigns. The start was slow in terms of lead numbers but we were confident of peaking in a couple of months as a very solid foundation was being laid. The tasks included –

  • Keyword Research
  • On Page SEO
  • Content Improvements
  • Publishing according to a proposed content calendar – Blogs, pages
  • Engagement on Social Media and regular sharing
  • Social Media Paid Campaigns

It’s difficult to crack the lead numbers with social media campaigns and hence we had to be very clever. One of our campaigns almost got us an Oscar, while the other one caught a lot of attention. Did you see “The Inside Sales Head”?

For resonating with the right audience and persona, insights were taken from HubSpot Analytics and Google is now Inside Sales Box.


We did conversion activities along with attract campaigns. As we were publishing regularly and strategically, it was very important to convert the visitors.This is what we did for a better conversion rate optimization

  • Publishing new Landing Pages and improving existing ones
  • New Content Offers
  • Exit Intent
  • Heat Map
  • Slide In CTAs
  • Hello Bar and Sticky Menu

Creativity is omnipresent with Znbound



This process involved a combined, co-ordinated effort of Znbound and Inside Sales Box. We had an SLA in place and status of every lead was reported. This helped us in understanding what is working and what isn’t.

A lead nurturing process was also put in place with the help of Sachin (Founder, Inside Sales Box). Everybody knows there is no perfect lead nurturing process and it should keep on evolving. The same is happening with us, but we make sure to be creative and different.

The Numbers


The growth in visitors has been steady. Starting from 13,692 in November 2015, we ended February 2016 with 21,349 visitors.

A 156% growth in overall traffic.


Contacts Over the period of 5 months we have been able to generate almost 2300 leads, out of which 455 are marketing qualified leads and 27 demos have been done.


Sales Pipeline (Worth)

The average lifetime value of a customer is approximately $10,000 for Inside Sales Box. Keeping all the MQL numbers in place we get this

Considering the 27 demos, sales pipeline is worth $270,000.

Through Inbound Marketing we were able to increase traffic by 156%, generate 2300 leads and build a pipeline worth $270,000. Thinking about ROI?We spent about $22,000 (Mostly Social Media Ads), giving an ROI of 1191% on direct marketing spends.So when are you starting with Inbound Marketing?

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