10 Leading Saas website design trends to rule 2021

Digital trends and expectations are subject to constant change. Some come and stay just for one season and then get totally forgotten. Other trends are altering the design landscape for years to come, ushering in a new era in the way websites are created. Keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in saas website design and innovative practices is essential for any enterprise that seeks to capture and convert users.

Why is it important?

One of the primary functions of online platforms is to make the customer stay longer on their page since it is known that the client has an array of options to choose from.  One such method is to construct an outwardly engaging and instinctive web arrangement.

Revolutionary concepts with boundless conceivable consequences have been shaped by the originators. This pay attention to creativity, boldness, and interactivity are a few things that will genuinely remain in 2021, but with a touching twist. Designers will pay attention to accessibility and usefulness, and put in force advanced points to provide a greater sturdy experience for visitors.

Let’s now explore the leading UI/UX design trends of 2020-2021 in detail and see how popular brands implement them successfully.

Leading UI/UX design trends of 2021

Dark mode

The dark mode is one of the most popular web design tendencies in 2020. All well-known apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp have rolled out options where clients can select between light and dark modes. There are significant reasons why dark mode is so  widely loved by its users. 

Many companies offer its clients an opportunity to select when to turn on the dark mode. For instance, Apple actualizes a highlight that permits you to set a time to when you want to switch between light and dark mode.

A few core reasons for its popularity:

  • Allows highlighting and popping other design elements.
  • Saves device battery power.
  • Reduces user’s eye strain.

3D Elements

3D design elements have fascinated users for many years. The popularity of this trend is going to increase in 2021 as VR and AR technologies is gaining momentum now. So, it becomes a perfect idea to combine these techniques to create hyper-realistic 3D visuals taking up the whole users’ screen.

But today frameworks allow us to significantly reduce page load time. Besides, there are approaches, which display the content of the site or app instantly. The only difference is that the main design elements are displayed first and minor elements are displayed after.

The particularity of 3D is that it helps in designing the website extra presentably. These visual results appeal to interest due to the fact they blur the traces between the digital house and the real world.

The trend allows UI and UX designers and entrepreneurs to prettify their websites. This way, they encourage potential customers to stay longer and increase the average session time. Such visuals attract users as they transcend the boundaries between the virtual space and real life.

One of the key necessities for a fruitful 3Dgraphics implementation  is the high  execution of your website UI. In case your platform isn’t fast-loading and well-optimized, it will not easily support such overwhelming substance. As a result, your site may give clients slacks, moo reaction time, and so on.

Clean UI with crisp and clean Fonts

Separated from the esteem recommendation, Cta, and a few sort of visuals, you won’t see that much on most SaaS landing pages. Clearly, the drift is adapted towards flawless pages with fresh SaaS textual styles that are simple to read. 

A high-quality example of an easy touchdown web page is ZNBOUND.

When you visit the page, two things are instantly recognizable. Firstly, the textual style (Source sans pro), and secondly the crystal clear icons.

Sometimes having as it were a few the central pieces of substance can altogether progress the client involvement. And not as it were, but it moreover makes a difference to explore the guest towards the site areas of your choice.

Giant typography and other enlarged elements

In 2021, websites will progressively utilize gigantic UI/UX components, counting typography, to supply basic and speedy communication. Besides, enlarged typography will most of the time replace the main image and perform not only functional but also decorative task.

Texts written in a non-standard size and any large elements allow you to:

  • strengthen the design with a powerful conceptual message
  • set the right visual accents
  • manage user attention by highlighting key information

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The developing field of artificial design intelligence (ADI)  has impacted a major move within the way websites are planned nowadays. In a conventional environment, the client interface plan is frequently overpowering since you require an awesome bargain of inventiveness to keep it one of a kind.

AI presently commands a few key perspectives of the web plan and holds a choosing part in UX. With AI’s most recent mediations in web plans, creators are able to convert their online front into a more important and wealthy encounter for the client. 

One of its greatest illustrations is the section of chatbots that are presently the installation of nearly each site or portable application. With progressed AI calculations and complex machine learning strategies, AI is viably bridging the hole between human cognition and machine robotization.

Artificial intelligence is progressing rapidly and will likely take on a much more dominant role in several different areas. For example, it’s proven to be a great solution for detecting potential security threats in cloud computing.

In terms of design, remember that personalization is key. Use images or illustrations to give your customers the experience of human interaction.

Video tutorials

Would you as an alternative get to know a SaaS product via 5,000 words? Or scrolling through an infographic? Or observing a two-minute video?

Funnily enough, each of these choices takes around an equal quantity of time. However, videos help you technique statistics plenty quicker than is the case with textual content or images.

Videos are nonetheless a variety of emerging trends; only about half of SaaS websites use videos. However, if you’re looking to step up your game, developments like these are the ones to look out for!

Soft Illustrations & Minimalist Animated Icons

The first type is soft illustrations (or soft line illustrations). What’s notable about these designs is that they usually use very soft or pastel colors. This has resulted in some magnificent designs, some of which we’ll share below.

For example, Canny, the popular feedback tool we’ve already mentioned, used soft illustrations in their header. Notice how all of the colors and drawings are very soft and subtle. As is usually the case with these illustrations, the beauty is in their simplicity.

Similarly, Icons are a top-notch layout prop to assume about, due to the fact that they’re effortless to create and very versatile: they work equally properly in UX format and for example, social media marketing.

If you choose to take it up a notch and make it more SaaS-appropriate, try developing animated icons. This is another high-quality way to enhance patron trips as it’s but some other way to inform clients exactly what they’re supposed to do.

Unique Microinteractions

In spite of the reality that it’s one of the most excellent ways to move forward the association with the client, micro interactions are still neglected by many designers. But these patterns will alter within the close future.

What are microinteractions?

Microinteractions are another promising web and app plan patterns that proceed to be neglected. But, the truth remains – they can assist you to strengthen your bond together with your users. Unless you need to drop behind, you would like to center on the taking after Microinteractions and meat it up:

  • color changes for different conditions of the app
  • visualization of website loading.
  • Page flow animation.
  • reaction to button pressing.
  • Unique page flow animation, such as swipe
  • Color changes for the app’s various moods

The sole reason for Microinteractions is to enchant your clients. When they’re upbeat, it’ll not take a part of an exertion to bump them toward your CTA and persuade them to require the specified action. Take the taking after preview from our portfolio, for illustration. 


Neomorphism another promising web and app UX UI plan pattern in 2020-21 and has made very a buzz as of late within the UI plan world. Beneath this, the thought is to offer clients the lovely figment of expelled shapes with external and/or inner shadows that coordinate with real-life objects. It is considered to be a modern take on Skeuomorphism and its stylish is stamped by real-looking, negligible UI.

With Neomorphism, you can achieve the following:

  • Include authenticity to lifeless representations and make them show up more larger-than-life to seize the consideration of users.
  • Make shapes that are raised from the foundation plan so that they pop 
  • Achieve accuracy when it comes to subtle elements such as shadows, gleam, and highlights

Adaptation to New Smartphones

An unused slant in smartphone plan – adjusted corners and no outlines. It had a critical effect on the common interface of all smartphones. Engineers need to adjust apps and locales to these screens as soon as conceivable. Individually, one of the patterns may be a scaled-up picture for smartphones.

This move is necessary for the following reasons:

  • creation of the cleaner screen;
  • optimization of navigation that relies on gestures;
  • improvement of visual perception;
  • improvement of quality of images and small page elements.

Interactivity, Functionality, & Accessibility

Functionality has always been a key aspect of web design. Although, along with fast load times, page speed, and mobile-friendly design, an increased focus on interactivity and accessibility have created a growing need for web design to factor in the needs of people and make websites accessible and functional for all. 

Including interactive sections to your website is a great way to provide value for visitors, get them to engage with your website, and learn more about them.

Offering value to your visitors while also learning more about them based on the data being inputted into your calculator. 

Examples of interactive marketing include:

  • Assessments 
  • Calculators
  • Contests
  • Polls and surveys


Users desires and requests develop and alter quickly. It implies you ought to make indeed more exertion to draw their consideration and fortify them to remain on your site. In case you need to succeed, take after the most recent UI/UX plan trends. 

All of the web design patterns that we are going to be seeing in 2021 are centered on improving client involvement through creative approaches. This implies that it isn’t as it was approximately having an online site with extraordinary visuals, but to guarantee that it is responsive, open, and genuinely engaging.

Consolidating a couple of the over-plan patterns can raise your brand’s offer in 2021, move forward client fulfillment, and boost the transformation rate of your page. We truly trust you to test them out and they meet your wanted objectives.

Team Znbound
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