The Right Inbound Marketing Agency

Have you found the right inbound marketing agency for your business?In this post, I answer this question as a Founder / Owner of one. I highlight three reasons very different from a typical agency assessment process. And these go beyond your usual reasons – credentials, reference check, budget, quality of team and others.If you are looking out for one, or if your existing arrangement isn’t delivering, you may want to run through the following questions in this order.

Talks ROI only

You may not be clear about customer acquisition metrics of your business. And that is fine. But, the inbound marketing agency you would engage or plan to, would push you hard, to get a sense of the numbers. Because of two reasons,

  • Client ROI – To figure out if inbound marketing will be able to deliver ROI
  • Agency ROI – Even if there exists a case for Client ROI, agency ROI is also important. The best agencies would be brave enough to decline opportunities that do not create ROI for them.

Does your agency start the conversation with ROI?

Chooses You

The right inbound marketing agency would be finicky about the accounts it chooses. It could either be a sectoral orientation i.e. SaaS Inbound Marketing in our case or a geographic focus. Some agencies would also be excited about experimenting with inbound marketing in new areas. E.g. I am sure you would have heard about all the excitement with AI and Marketing.Does the agency see a similar opportunity in working with you?

Eats Inbound for Food

My inbound marketing colleagues, who are most successful in this space, have gone beyond inbound (into outbound). That is a different subject altogether. Would you not like your inbound marketing agency to eat its own dog food? How else would it imbibe confidence in you, to take up Inbound as a serious customer acquisition channel?With inbound as the main revenue driver, this agency would have created a predictable revenue strategy.Would you not like predictable revenue?

Team Znbound
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