Repurposing Content the Cinderella Way

Last weekend, I saw Cinderella – the 2015 Walt Disney film.

Have you seen it? It has received generally positive reviews from critics.

While I went in to the theatre as the father of a 9 year old girl, the inbound marketer in me decided to make some notes. No no, I am not writing a review. Take it easy !

The topic – repurposing content. After all who hasn’t heard enough of this popular fairytale?

Repurposing Content

Inbound marketing thrives on content. Creating high quality content in a sustainable manner is a challenge. Inbound marketing strategies by agencies and businesses include repurposing content, but mostly to fill a time slot in the content calendar.

Should we not take a strategic approach when it comes to content repurposing?

The Cinderella movie definitely provides some answers.

Repurpose a Success

According to Wikipedia, Cinderella (2015 film) has already grossed US $ 475 million at the box office on a budget of US $ 95 million. I doubt if the french author Charles Perrault gets royalty for this fairy tale that he published way back in 1697.

The Cinderella fairy tale has been produced as a play, an animated film and many a motion picture. It has not disappointed. So, when repurposing, an existing success popular and loved by the audience is a good bet.

Content can be repurposed

Repurposing content need not be a drag. A fresh approach or a new twist with an intent to create magic is all that it takes. The Cinderella film stands testimony. The larger point here is that “It can be done, successfully”.

It takes effort and attention to detail

Walt Disney invested more than two years on this adaptation of Cinderella. They brought together the best actors in cinema (Cate Blanchett is wonderful), an oscar-winning costume designer (Sandy Powell) and not to forget, Swarovski for the glass slippers. (Note: They were not wearable)


Repurposing content successfully is about strategy, ideas, intent, team, partnerships and a lot of details. That is why only a few do it. Well done, Walt Disney !!!

Rajagopalan Chandrashekar
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