How to take advantage of QR Code Marketing ?

"The buzz on QR Codes is nothing new when it comes to social media marketing services. The capability and potential of this fabulous concept is entering our everyday life thanks to QR Code Marketing"

The realization came to me on one fine Friday evening when my younger cousin came back home with a T Shirt in his hand. I was amazed to see that the shirt had a QR code printed on its front with a caption "I'm Coded".

When I inquired him about the same he didn't have any idea about what it was. He bought it for the sole reason that it looked fancy. Wasting no time I subjected it to my Android's barcode scanner to see if it was for real. It was a live code which said "I am too complex to be decoded" followed by the details of the manufacturer. Welcome to QR Code Marketing 101.

" It's overwhelming to see how organizations are coming up with brilliant marketing strategies utilizing these social media concepts. Here I would like to list down a few instances of QR Code Marketing that I have encountered of late "

QR Code Marketing - Potential Business Applications

(1) Code the Shirts

Apparel industry : The look on my cousin's face when he saw this thing and the excitement with which he left to inform his friends about the same said it all. The manufacturer, for sure, got a lot more little customers for it's business. With such a fresh concept hitting the market, this is one great social media marketing services tool which can be harnessed to increase your sales. The same holds true for other industries too. One just need to find a place to fit it in.

(2) Decode my Card

Bored of penning down all your contact information on a piece of paper. Well flaunt your social influence by putting this code on your visiting card, containing all the relevant information that the space constraint didn't allow you to put.

(3) Advertise your code

I came across one article in newspaper a few days back. The article ended with a code in the end which was a shortcut to a video ad of the same. It didn't strike the chord to the extent it should have. The reason being the lack of information amongst the target audience. But in time to come and with people coming to know of this new social media marketing services concept, people will start using it more out of curiosity rather than essence.

(4) Book reviews

Enter a book store. Take hold of a book. Run your scanner on its barcode. And you will be led to all the info and reviews available on the web about the same. Buy it if you like it. Nothing could be a better technique for user engagement. Build your book store's own database for the same and just wait and see your store becoming the most preferred store in the locality. Wake up Marketers.

(5) Information Powerhouse

All your info. All the relevant links. All your social media profiles. All your contact details. Everything in a simple code. Hand over this code to anyone and you will be handing him every info about you. Privacy breach is no longer an offense and personal space is contracting at the speed of light.

These are just a few instances that I observed of late. QR Code Marketing looks all set to take off, but its efficacy remains to be analysed. Early movers would have a definite competitive advantage and it is suggested that they back it up with proper measurement tools and metrics.

Please share any QR Code Marketing Cases that you might have come across or ideas you feel hold potential. Happy Learning :).

If you are looking for resources to better understand QR Codes, please read our QR Code post here.

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