Outbound to Inbound - Confusion to Clarity

Have you ever looked into the mirror and felt lost?

Ever felt you are not being fair to your life?

Thats exactly how I felt at a certain point in my life, just before going to college. That’s me, Manvi.

A friend then told me to toss a coin and decide what I wanted to do next.

What happened?

Here I am, leading design at Znbound

Let me start from the very beginning.

Starting college life

I started my college life with College of Arts, Chandigarh. It was an amazing experience of being able to express myself using colours.

Becoming a Designer

That was not the end.

I later joined an animation school to explore the world of 3D.

Was it the end of my confusion?


Well I wanted to make a career out of all that I had learned and learn more about the different aspects of creativity. So I landed at M.I.T, Pune where I did my masters in communication design. And ever since I am proud to call myself a designer and learn something new everyday.

To conclude I would like to say that marketing your brand is like a journey. People are moving to Inbound marketing to bring clarity, predictability and create more effective returns for their businesses.

Finally an end to Confusion
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