Newspaper: A Killer Tool for Email Marketing

There are scores of tools for Email Marketing. But did it ever occur to you that newspaper could be one of them? Trust me, this killer tool is a big bet.

To back this fact, let me tell you why the newspaper is a fruit full tool to generate leads.

At Znbound, we use email marketing as one of a rigorous process to generate leads. This comes as one of the services in our inbound marketing service pack.

As mentioned in my previous blog ” Generate Leads for Free ” I had described how I used a self curated email list to generate leads with a workflow of emails.*

This self curated email list had performed better than the list we bought seperately from a vendor. It is not easy to make a self curated email list. But we did find a hack to this problem.

And guess what the hack was?


Now you must be thinking that how can someone use newspaper for email marketing.Let me take you through the whole process step by step.

Step 1: Subscribe to a good newspaper. In our process we used Mint by Hindustan Times.

Step 2: Now read your newspaper thoroughly and look for companies that you can use for email prospecting. i.e find your buyer persona.

Step 3: Now find out the email id of the desired personnel from that company.I would recommend you to follow this whole process for a span of 30 days.

By following this process, you will be able to create an email list of 40 – 45 email ids.

What next?

Now that you are on the right path of prospecting, hit the ground running by sending out emails.

My experience with process

First of all, this email list comes for free, therefore, you are generating leads for free. I had curated an email list of 38 email ids.After the list creation I sent them the 4 emails.

  1. Prospecting Email
  2. Follow-up Email 1
  3. Follow-up Email 2
  4. Break email

You can have a brief description about these email from my blog ” Generate Leads for free ” .

After following the process below are the results.

  • Email sent – 38
  • Emails opened – 12 | 31.6%
  • Leads generated – 3 | 25% (Conversion rate of emails opened to leads generated)

3 Leads for free

Are you still going to pay to get your email list?

Not any more. Go and get your newspaper subscription and start making your own email list.

If you have any other better method to curate email list at no cost, then do give your recommendations in the comment section below.

Team Znbound
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