Need to show off your designing skills – Try Dribbble

Are you a designer and looking for a platform to show off your designs and applications? If yes, then Dribbble is the place for you. In plain words, “Dribbble is show and tell for designers”

I recently came across this site and found it really wonderful. This is a playground for designers where coders and designers can easily share with everyone the snap”shots” of design or applications that they are working on.

What are shots?
Shots are small screenshots (400×300 pixels max) posted by members to show what they are working on. Some have called Dribbble “Twitter for designers”. Shots are to Dribbble as tweets are to Twitter.

You can join this site as a player, spectator or a prospect.

A player is a member who is out there sharing his shots with everyone and commenting on other player’s shots. You can only join as a player if you get an invitation by an existing player.

But you don’t know anyone out there who could send you an invite. Absolutely no need to worry. If you have got the skill in you, no one can stop you from being there. Just join it as a prospect, thereby indicating that you are interested in being drafted as a player, and wait for the one.And then there are these spectators. It does not need an invitation. You can just browse across the space, looking at the shots and comments. It can prove to be a wonderful tool for you if you are looking forward to hire a really good designer.

There are many more options available for you which makes it an overall fun experience to be a part of. Dribbble can easily be marked as one of the many wonderful tools Web 2.0 has in store to offer us. Do try it once and tell us your opinion about the same.

Team Znbound
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