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I was so excited when my mom called, I started jumping up and down screaming “Ma, I got the job, I got the job”Since I always wished to build my career in Media and Entertainment Industry, Mumbai seemed the right place for it. I never thought I would ever leave this city. But when Znbound offered me a job, I had to make a choice: Mumbai or Gurgaon ! I realized location is not the foremost criteria, but what matters the most is your interest in the given field, it’s learning, scope and growth. I never used to plan on anything, but one thing I really wanted was to get placed where the culture of autonomy was a norm. And with this thought, I flew down to Inbound Mantra, where my realization came true. ‘Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever’- Mahatma GandhiI firmly believe that Znbound is the place to learn. We are trained to become experts.And I’m glad to share all that I learnt at znbound  in such a short span of time…

  1. Keyword Research -This is an integral part of inbound marketing. Keyword research is the study of actual search terms that people enter into search engines to lookup for information.
  2. How to use social media for business: I learnt how to create ads for facebook and execute a campaign. It is an amazing realization that I can create ads similar to the ones I have been coming across and engaging with on FB.
  3. Corporate film making – Video making was never this exciting! Gradually I built up a liking for it. This happens when you have an as amazing and supportive Boss like I do, who guides me and provides me with my own required space.
  4. Email marketing: “Chase around 80k people through emails for a response”. You read it right. And guess what ? It ain’t scary. Because nothing feels impossible when you move ahead with a determined mind.  

Also, in addition to the technical learnings, a reflection on the personal level learnings won’t be a bad idea. Here you go..

  1. Everyday is a challenge: It’s not about winning and losing, it’s about working hard, be good at all that you do, and about thriving on a new challenge. Everyday !
  2. Nothing can work without a plan: You’re directionless sans a plan ! Rather as good as standing still. Set a goal and move towards it !
  3. Wash your doubts away: Steer clear of your doubts. Working with doubts in your head hampers your performance big time !
  4. Communicate : Communication is at the heart of Znbound. We believe it is an important key to building relations, either internally or with clients. It has profound effects on our learnings and success.

This little reflection of my journey at Znbound so far has got me into thinking how different as a person I’ve become. That too for Good ! This one month at Znbound had been really exciting and challenging. This place gives me a space where all my theoretical learnings can be practiced in reality, where I’m provided with opportunities valuable for my professional as well as my personal growth, and most importantly helps in building a confident person !

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