My Journey from Engineering to an Inbound Marketer

2016 had been great so far !When I graduated in May 2016 from IIT Roorkee, my average academic record and personal interest prompted me to pursue a career in marketing. But, I never thought I would become an inbound marketer at India’s largest provider of inbound marketing services – Inbound Mantra.

It all started with a phone call when I was first interviewed. And after approximately a week’s process, my candidature turned into final selection. It was a joyous moment for me. The closing question of the interview was, “Excited?”. Needless to say, I was. And why I shouldn’t be ?  For its the beginning of a new phase of my life, and that thought was enough to do wonders to my morale.

With all the positive vibes running into my soul, I packed my bags and departed for an enthralling journey. I landed on 17th Sept 2016, stayed at a friend’s home, and moved next day to an office accomodation in Gurgaon.

Gurgaon was a place where I had never stayed before. And even if I wanted to trust reviews of a few people, I couldn’t. No two people ever gave me the same feedback.

Coming from a clean and green atmosphere of Roorkee, this place was hard to settle in first. Instead of birds chirping, the morning begins with noises of on-going construction almost everywhere. I could also notice impatient auto-rickshaws and bikes recklessly overtaking expensive and luxurious cars, which are plenty in this area.

Then came the awaited day ! It was 19th Sept, my first day at office. I hired an auto for a 5 min walking distance, obviously because I didn’t know the way. Somehow, I reached office 7 mins late. Thanks to the auto driver, who took the longer route.

I entered the office, greeted some of my colleagues, and entered the Director’s cabin. He welcomed me whole heartedly, and introduced me to the rest of the employees. They later introduced themselves and the interaction session went pretty well, with everyone describing their achievements and future challenges.

I was soon assigned my first project, to create an online presence of an upcoming dental clinic, Skydental. I did some basic ground research about competitors, challenges, existing resources and prepared a plan.

Now, it was time for execution. I did small things at first like creating social media accounts, listing business on google etc. Next step was to find out keywords, and create a website.

I was asked to use wordpress for creating the website, of which I had no prior experience. I began exploring, seeking regular guidance from colleagues, who are easily approachable, and that’s one of the best things at Inbound Mantra.

The best way to learn wordpress is to explore as much as you can. I watched a few tutorials, or sought google’s help whenever needed. But the major part of learning came from clicking options on the dashboard, which I wasn’t sure where would it lead to, and for beginners that’s the way to go.

Within a week, my website was ready with all the necessary features.

Your first week at job can either go really well, or make you totally replan your entire career path. Fortunately, I am working at a place where I enjoy what I do, and will continue to do so.

After fifteen days of working at Inbound Mantra, I can proudly say, there couldn’t be a place with such fast paced learning and result oriented work culture.

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