My First (Fort)Night with Inbound Marketing

Has it just been a fortnight? It already feels like forever, but then there are things in Inbound Marketing yet to be figured out.

Being an Inbound Marketer is a constant learning process, on one side google keeps updating its algorithm on the other side every campaign’s outcome could have been better. You need to learn from every update and every campaign.

So, I am not going to list down all the things I did in past 15 days. Here is just an honest collection of my first thoughts since I joined Znbound. Enjoy!

1) HubSpot is a bombOne stop solution for all your marketing needs.

All my marketing life, I have been running for various WordPress plugins and put together everything, but HubSpot has it all.When I say bomb, I literally mean it. This thing totally blew my mind with all the features from social media monitoring to lead capturing and nurturing.Make a change to the CTA inside HubSpot and it will make a change in the CTA of an already delivered email.

Awesome isn’t it? Well, it is a vast understatement.

2) Inbound Marketing is cooler than I thought

Before joining Znbound my opinion was that I know Inbound Marketing. I have never been so wrong.Instead of just buying ads and relying on email prospecting, inbound marketing teaches you to rely on content and get customers to it. After starting my first website all I used to think was that Facebook ads and sponsored posts were the keys to getting more visitors but not anymore.

Persona centric content and SEO is all you need to make marketing relevant and non-interrupting.

3) Finally finding a job you fall in love with

Since the second year of college, I started with a website to learn and implement all SEO & content strategies. I wanted to work for a marketing firm to learn more and that feeling got stronger in the final year.

This feeling helped me put down a lucrative job offer and go for the other offer from CoCubes. At CoCubes also I was involved with marketing but it was not Inbound. Since joining Znbound my opinion and sense about marketing have changed completely.

I feel lucky to have finally found a job I love going to, believe me not many have this luxury.

I am excited to see what future holds for me at Znbound. Till then let me know if you love your job, if not when are you changing it?

Team Znbound
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