My Encounter with Growthbot

Encounter – It wasn’t actually an encounter.

This happened a month ago while I was messaging a colleague on Slack at Znbound. Growthbot caught my attention. For those who haven’t used Slack, while sending direct messages you can see a list of all users within a team.

What is Growthbot? – I asked myself.Is he a new employee? Is it a Robot? Definitely not, but I was curious enough and started to Google.

Actually, it is an intelligent Bot and not a Robot.Let me explain the difference.Robots refer to a machine, especially the ones programmable by a computer and capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically. Robots can be guided by an external control device or the control may be embedded within. (source: Wikipedia)Bot refers to a remote controlled software program that acts as an agent for a user. For example, crawler bots are programs used for searching on the Internet. Chatbots talk to humans or other bots, whereas shopbots search the web to find the best prices for products. Knowbots collect specific information from Websites. Just like Siri or Google assistant. (source: Your Dictonary)In Growthbot’s case, it is a Chatbot + Knowbot. A good mixture of chatting and knowledge.

After knowing what growthbot actually is, I started exploring what it can do for me.

I went straight to Google and searched Growthbot.

Below is the page that opened up.


Growthbot is a product by Dharmesh Shah – Founder of HubSpot.

This was a surprise for me. (Yes, we are a HubSpot Gold Partner)After this, I began my experiments on Growthbot, whether it is helpful or just like another personal assistant.You can use Growthbot with Facebook Messenger, Twitter or with Slack.

Below are the screenshots of some of my interactions with growthbots.

First interaction with Growthbot

Initial interactions didn’t go that well.Growthbot being smart, started giving me hints.

Growthbot interaction 2-196249-edited.png

This was helpful.

Then again I gave it a shot and this time it was even better.

Interaction with Growthbot 3

Growthbot can finish a task within seconds without mistakes whereas a human could take hours for the same. One (+) point, you can ask Growthbot anything, anytime – whether it’s midnight or early morning, Growthbot works 24*7. The best companion you can have in the artificial intelligence space.The best thing about Growthbot is it learns every second so that you can get the best information available on the internet.

Recently, I came to know that marketers will embrace machine learning and automation to learn customer trends and behavior. Artificial Intelligence will be used more to help get customers more quickly acquainted with a certain product or service, taking tutorials and wizards to the next level.

This will be helpful for a company as they will not have to appoint a manager to especially help customers and instead, they will be entertaining a customer 24*7 through bots.

Do you have a story to share with Growthbot? Any other bot?How was your experience? Let me know through comments.

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