Marketo highlights Marketing’s problems

Did you see what just happened to Marketo?I am still in disbelief.One of silicon valley’s top marketing automation software companies just allowed its domain to expire. Wow !!! It makes for some interesting social media gossip. I bet it was more than that. Did you see twitter? number of reasons would be given, both by critics and the Marketo leadership. That is,

  • Poor digital footprint management
  • Human error
  • Complicated process

As a marketer, I think the larger issue is with the function of marketing itself. Marketing gets overwhelming each passing day. There are wheels within wheels, and all seem to be turning autonomously. (I am not keen to justify self-pity, but it tends to that.)

marketo domain expires success rules

Processes could address the overwhelming nature of marketing, but they tend to get complicated too, with time. Then there is the umbrella question of what is the correct process? Beat me on that. I want to create a new process everyday.Because of this, marketers end up committing many mistakes every week (read day). Some errors show up, some are ‘privacy protected’, and some get blown over, similar to Marketo’s gaffe.I sincerely wish ‘good times’ to my marketer colleagues, but I know it is quite a while away.

Team Znbound
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