The Electric Life of an Inbound Marketing Campaign Manager


'Yaar kal 4 hi leads ayi ' (Hindi)

It means, "Yesterday I got just 4 leads".

This is what I get to hear everyday.

Because, I am a graphic designer for an inbound marketing firm.

Campaigns are an integral part of our daily work.

I don't know much about campaigns as my contribution is limited to creatives but regularly I get to see varying moods of my colleagues while handling campaigns.

Being an artist I have attempted to depict the various moods of an inbound marketing campaign manager in a fun manner. Happy Diwali !!!

Table of Contents
Unlock the Secrets of HubSpot Integrations: Why Connecting the Dots is a Must for Business Growth?
Attracting and Converting Customers: The Role of Inbound Marketing Firms in Today's Digital Age
Maximizing ROI with SaaS Marketing Companies: Because Who Doesn't Love a Good Return on Investment