Internet Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem

You know all campaign channels. But do you know how they work together?

Most marketers know the outlets that can be used to create a solid Internet marketing lead generation campaign — such as SEO, PPC, email marketing and display advertising — but very few know how all of the components can work together.

The “Internet Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem” infographic created by Chicago Internet marketing company Straight North not only displays all channels of an online lead generation campaign that can be used, but how they can work together to maximize leads and sales in one campaign.

This infographic is designed to help both beginner and experienced marketers:

  • Understand how a solid online lead generation campaign can be designed by integrating various Internet marketing channels.
  • Spot weaknesses in their current campaign that could result in missed leads.
  • Identify new opportunities to modify their current campaign.
Inbound marketing lead generation ecosystem infographic

Note: All online traffic sources (located in the top row of hexagons) don’t have to be leveraged in the same campaign. Marketers should choose which components would work best to create a successful campaign.

Are your inbound marketing campaigns incorporating all the above channels?

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